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At least weather-wise -- hot, but not too humid. Got in a nice proper walk at lunch, which felt good. I need to get outside a bit more while the weather's good. . .maybe this weekend. Of course, I heard it's supposed to be at least drizzly tomorrow, with a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday. . . But we'll see.

Survived work well enough -- plenty to do, including a new stock gift. And, once we got out, I drove home from work officially for the first time! Was a pretty smooth ride for the most part -- just going along with the traffic, trying to keep an eye on the idiots. We ended up driving down to Stop & Shop to pick up dinner stuff again -- aaaand some asshole nearly pulled into the side of me exiting the gas station. Nothing happened, but I damn near had a heart attack. I swear to God, it really does feel like sometimes they're aiming for me. . .

Anyway, made it home and did some writing on "Fixing You" -- I think I'm going to split the previous Chapter One into Chapters One and Two. I feel like I've come to a break point after a thorough discussion between Wilson and Alice of The Issues of the Story. Exposition, yes, but hopefully the fun kind, like when Doc goes on a ramble in the BTTF movies. Will probably take a quick break this weekend to do those other Mallow Hallow snippets I want to do, though. Still technically Forgotten Vows Verse stuff! And this series is going up sooner. (Though I have a small cushion thanks to my Bioshock week next week.) Whatever keeps the gears turning!

After that was the usual -- catch up on websites, catch up on tumblr, get whatever queues need plumping up plumped (in this case, Valice Multiverse). Heck, I even found time to watch a few things on the Resident Evil series on YouTube. Nice to have a little destressing time. And tomorrow is another out-early day. Cooler and, as I said, rainer, but whatever. Mom and I have plans to hang up the rest of my pictures so they'll be out of our hair. Still no headboard/bookshelves. It seems like there's always another project to do. . . *grumble* Would be nice to finally clear out these boxes, but I understand some stuff has to come first.

And that's about it for now. Time to wrap up a few things and hit the sheets. Got a -- well, actually, it's not really a busy weekend at all. Not a lot of videos in subscriptions or the Watch Later queue, some definite ideas for what I want to do with my video game time, no big trips planned. . .and my parents should be out most of Sunday at a flea market. So that'll be nice, having the place to myself. :D So yeah -- fingers crossed this remains a nice weekend! Sleep tight all!
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As in, it didn't take long for things to start annoying me. Raiser's Edge was a piece of shit pretty much all day (I was constantly fighting runtime errors while trying to do things), I discovered all of my coworkers had problems that prevented them from enjoying their long weekend (sad, and also awkward since I had a pretty good four days off), some lady nearly backed into me while I was trying to get out of the Stop & Shop parking lot (Mom had to stop for some groceries, and had me drive home to keep practicing), and thanks to me not realizing Mom didn't actually mean the FIRST light after Lowe's, but the SECOND, and a snap decision on my part to let someone go that involved hitting my brakes a bit hard, I don't feel like I demonstrated the best driving skills tonight on our ice cream run.

. . .On the other hand, I DID get everything I meant to do done despite the errors, there were no accidents during any of my driving, and we did go out and get our ice cream. Dad and I got German chocolate soft serve with chocolate sprinkles in waffle cones; Mom a small coffee soft-serve in a plain wafer cone. It was good. :) Bigger than I expected, but tasty. I also got another good chunk written on "Fixing You" (got Dr. Wilson to outline Alice's Issue of the Story, and now they're working on Victor's -- they're not going to come to QUITE the right conclusion, though they're not going to be too far off either), and started putting the Mallow Hallow snippets on AO3. (Although writing up my post for the VictorLuvsAlice queue for Friday made me think that I'm going to add not one, but two stories to that particular little series. . . Just I realized that the current set ends on a pretty dark and depressing note (a bad nightmare of Victor's), and I wanted to do something nice to wrap it up. . .and that's making me think it needs a proper "how we got here" beginning. . . Argh, why am I always giving myself more projects. . .)

I also found a cool video of a Little Sister Alice mod for A:MR that I'm going to use for my Bioshock Week next week, plus a great cosplay of a Little Sister. So yeah, I guess all in all, it hasn't been that bad a day. Certainly pretty productive, despite the universe's attempts to the contrary. And we're technically already halfway through the week too. :p Gonna head to bed now before it gets too late -- night all!
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Well, mostly normal -- it is a very short work week. And probably a busy one, given we'll have a lot to squeeze into just two and a half days. But at least that should make it go by all the faster. Always a little hard to go back to work after a nice long weekend. . . But if I want to keep having money to pay off my mortgage, I'd better keep at it.

Notes on today:

-->Ended up not driving -- the plan was that I'd drive us to an ice cream place and back today as my trip, but the day ended up not being good for going out for ice cream (kinda cloudy and not particularly hot; just mid 70s F). It's all right, though -- I did a lot of driving in a lot of places this weekend, and the idea is that we'll go out tomorrow since it's supposed to be nicer and hotter, so I'm not missing out too much.

-->Unfortunately, driving time was taken up with "arguing with Cox" time -- my password STILL wasn't working for their site (also I'd somehow ended up going paperless with my bill). We think it's fixed now -- I finally got a verification e-mail for my, er, e-mail -- so fingers crossed. Real test will come when it's time to pay my bill, I suppose. Fingers crossed. . .

-->Did some writing/editing on "Fixing You" -- it's a bit slow going in parts, but I'm hammering it into shape. Refining a few ideas here and there, getting Dr. Wilson a little more involved, going over the issues that will be solved over the course of the story. . . Come hell or high water, I WILL get this thing done.

-->Played more Bioshock -- I officially hate Nitro Splicers and Big Daddies. Died SO MANY TIMES to this second "Rosie" model with the Rivet Gun and those stupid mines they can throw (and that come so randomly I can't try catch and return with Telekinesis). Did manage to slaughter the damn thing eventually, and save the Little Sister. Helps that I snuck past it first to get another Plasmid slot open and reequip my Incinerate! Fire really is handy. Also handy is having cover in a fight and being able to hack shit. I'm actually getting rather good at the hacking minigame -- and I've got a tonic equipped that gives me health and EVE for hacking, so that's useful. :) I also now have a grenade launcher, which should come in handy. >:D Currently working my way around to get a research camera for one of the NPCs, Peach Wilkins. Now when enemies attack me, I'm expected to take pictures! Fun. (I am enjoying the game, it's just -- it has some weird ideas sometimes.)

-->Watched another episode of Parenthood (the Powers go to a restaurant! The customers all start cleaning up plates because James forgot to lock the kitchen properly! Max ages up into a teenager and is the definition of a tool!), Helloween's latest Pripyat set (exploring a creepy lab with poltergeists, telekinetic Ewok-like things, and Controller mutants! Investigating flame anomalies at night! Discovering NPCs with plot armor can take a bunch of dogs to the ankles and a bloodsucker to the face!), and a stream he did of Alice: Madness Returns with American McGee present (American McGee apparently is not that good at playing his own game now that he's not a developer by his own admission! He also can't remember his own development process as the artbook clearly states that there was a set of weapons based on the tarot they considered, while he says it was pretty much always going to be the more kitchen-and-toy-themed set we finally got! I'm still not backing his new Kickstarter because I don't trust him after Otherlands!) So that ate up plenty of time.

-->Just did my Valice Multiverse queue -- short and sweet, but a friend did some cute fanart of one of her characters and shared it with me. So that was nice too. :)

And now I need to go to bed. Night all, sleep tight, hope I don't feel too overwhelmed tomorrow!
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That's what we practiced today in the driving lesson -- went up 295 for a bit, and Mom had me practice looking in the mirror and changing lanes. Did all right -- I'm always nervous that some asshole is going to appear out of nowhere and slam into me, but I can do the actual merging fine for the most part. Though I admit, I don't like 295 just because the speed limit there is 65, and traffic often makes you do 70. 60 is the top speed I generally feel comfortable at. Fortunately the brief bit of highway to and from work (which we drove as well, just for practice) is a 55 mph speed limit, so that's all right. Plus it's a short trip that generally involves just staying in one lane, so yay.

Other activities of note:

-->Revised one of my AU snippets for posting on Thursday, plus worked some on the opening to "Fixing You!" Added some stuff to the opening sequence, and made some notes on other stuff I'd like to change. It was rough getting started (kept rereading the same bits over and over), but once I got going it all started flowing pretty smoothly. Gives me hope we might see this story come out this century.

-->More Bioshock -- I'm officially in Neptune's Bounty! I have also killed two Big Daddies and saved three Little Sisters! I have also died a LOT! Seriously, Big Daddies are not to be fucked with -- especially the ones that don't have the iconic drills. The "Rosie" model that has a rivet gun and sticky proximity mines -- uuuuugh. Haaaaate. And it looks like I have to fight another one already! At least, there's one wandering around with a Sister, which makes me think I have to kill it to save her and get the ADAM. . . Does not help that the very first major room had a ton of Splicers in it as well. I have been CHEWING through the health kits, let me tell you. First order of business when I go back into the game -- find both a Gather's Garden and a Gene Bank, open up a Plasmid slot, and get my Incinerate! Plasmid back! Being able to set things on fire again would be so freaking useful. . . Also, apparently I can use the bathysphere to travel between locations I've already visited, so it looks like I can go back to the Medical Pavilion and open up that area I missed! (I tried to cheese it by stealing a Nitro Splicer's bomb and hurling it at the ice, but nope -- it's fire from your fingertips or nothing. Bleh.) So yeah, that's tomorrow's plan in the game.

-->Did my Linkara double feature: an issue of Asterix that was good, goofy fun with no storyline, and an episode of "Comic Book Quickies" that was good, goofy fun with a heck of a lot of storyline! A certain something has risen from the ashes, and a certain villain is proving to be fairly badass. Looking forward to more from this particular arc!

-->Also got another episode of the Parenthood LP from The Sim Supply -- Max is now at max negative Responsibility and Conflict Resolution, with Emotional Control probably the next to tank. He's also close to being a teenager, which should open up even more interesting possibilities. Mainly, though, the series is about James yelling at Sims for not doing as he tells them. XD I can get behind this. Mainly because it's a problem I can relate to.

And that's about it for today, as I did wander onto TV Tropes late this afternoon, and then spent a good chunk of the evening catching up on my main tumblr. Still, getting back into the groove with "Fixing You" does count for a lot, I'm sure. Right now, I'm going to go ahead and plump up my VictorLuvsAlice queue, then see about catching up with Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks (been neglecting them in favor of videos/video games/what have you). Still got one day where I don't have to be up at 7, after all. And then a super-short work week, which will be nice. :D So yeah, will attempt productivity. Night all!
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Though it turned out to be slightly more involved than just going to my workplace and back -- first, we ended up having to take a detour at a local gas station to get gas, then down to the local Stop & Shop to turn around, THEN we ended up doing the whole trip to and from work twice, just to get me used to the route and merging into the necessary lanes, THEN Mom needed some sinus headache medicine, so we went down past the house to Rite Aid and came back around by Lowe's. So kind of a roundabout trip in the end, but hey, it's all good driving practice. I'm just glad I can drive the route without panicking -- that one little chunk by the Providence Place Mall parking garage, right before Atwells Ave, is where I got hit by that asshole who proceeded to take off. Fortunately the lines on the road are better marked now, and while there are always idiots, I managed to keep a safe distance away from them all. (Though one guy just walked right out in front of me at one intersection -- had to hit my brakes a bit hard. For the love of good, at least wait for the red light!) It's a pretty easy ride once you get used to it, so I don't think I'll have any problems once I start driving it "officially."

Other accomplishments of the day:

-->I worked on "Fixing You!" I finished off a section I'm hoping to add in somewhere about Victor having a nightmare, and the subsequent aftermath, that sums up his problems in a nutshell: A) the whole "sex is evil and I am (kind of sort of) horny" thing, and B) him being both embarrassed about already having burdened everyone with his problems, and feeling weak because bringing down the wall didn't automatically fix everything, so he's deliberately trying to pretend his latest issues don't exist (he scolds himself to "get over it" at one point during the scene I just wrote). It's a messy situation. But then again, I guess the story does need a reason to be called "Fixing You."

-->I finished the Van Dort house remodel in Sims 4! Or, well, got satisfied with the current layout and got some decorative items placed. I'll probably continue tweaking it as time goes on. Works for now, though! Victor has a nice garden in the back with fruits and veggies and a couple of flowers, Alice has her art studio (kind of thin, but I made it longer at one point to accommodate more artist stuff), Victor his music room. . .it's a good house. :) Also managed to finally get through a day with them -- Emma was a naughty little girl, throwing food and splashing in the toilet. Fortunately I was able to get Victor to stop her doing that last and get her personal responsibility up. We'll see if it sticks. Alice also got a promotion (Canvas Creator), and Victor finished and licensed a new song. Good times. :)

-->Watched Helloween's latest Illusion of Gaia set (Will proves to have the knees of steel, given his ability to fall from any height and not suffer a scratch -- handy when you have to chase your best friend to the Wall of China because he's been rejected (only not really she just panicked when he said he loved her) by your other friend dandelion girl) and a bunch of OutsideXBox videos. Also a Let's Play of Die Anstalt, a German game about helping cuddly plush animals overcome various neuroses. . . .What, it features cute stuffed toys. I'm supposed to NOT watch?

-->Did the ValiceMultiverse queue, which is always a good thing. Also caught up on regular tumblr and reblogged some stuff. Can't get too far behind!

So yeah, pretty good and productive day, all told. Tomorrow, more driving, Bioshock, a Linkara double feature, and -- eh, I guess we'll go from there. Night all!
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The round-up:

-->Did my driving after having my smoothie -- went up to the local Wal-Mart and back (we needed napkins, rolls, a salt shaker, etc). Short stretch of not-too-busy highway, and nothing major to worry me. Besides one idiot on a motorcycle weaving through traffic, but he was worrying EVERYONE so we all slowed down. Worked out fine, so we're good there. Tomorrow should be a "test run" of going up to work and back.

-->Wrote another chunk of my Dirk-Gently-But-Not-Really AU, because I am still super-inspired on it and I figured I'd better get that out of my system. Plus I wanted something kinda short because I was eager to get into. . .

-->Playing Sims 4! Started on the Van Dort house remodel -- got everybody outside, then broke the rooms off each other and began considering my new layout. I ended up going with adding a long straight hall to the house, moving the bathroom to the other side of the kitchen (nearer the bedrooms), turning the layout of the kitchen about 90 degrees so I could put a back door in there, and making a little patio area in the back. I also chopped the living room into a living room and a music studio for Victor, and added another small room as a little art studio for Alice. I'm actually not quite finished yet -- I'm working on a little garden area for Victor in the back (I moved all his plants out of the planter boxes and into the actual ground, because that's a thing you can do -- just plant them in your yard), and I'm considering if I can afford to add some extra decorations to the place to make it look a bit more lived in. But I'm pleased with the new layout. Even if it means I didn't actually play the family, beyond a couple of morning interactions. ^^; Maybe tomorrow I'll pop back in and finish things up as best I can.

-->Watched a bunch of Helloween's videos (The Secret Life stealthing, a rant about how stupid YouTube's ad system is over some Guilty Gear fighting game, and more adventures in Pripyat, taking out mercenaries and just barely surviving blowouts), plus a couple in my Watch Later queue, including James (The Sim Supply) showing just how easy it is to go from hating someone to loving someone in Sims 4. Good times, good times.

-->Watched the second Wizards of the Lost Kingdom on MST3K -- what a mess. XD Hilariously awful romp made better by copious amounts of snark. Also had a couple of good host segments. Though I think I've narrowed down what I'm not that fond of in this season -- the Mads. I've never really connected with Kinga and Max the way I did with Clayton and TV's Frank, or Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bobo. Therefore, the ongoing plot with Kinga just doesn't grab me. I think I prefer the more random sketches in general to be honest. MST3K is a show that honestly doesn't need a lot of plot.

-->Got Chapter 3 of Secundus up on AO3, for those who are interested! Exposition chapter, but I tried to make it interesting!

-->And currently doing some RPing, which is nice. Better go check my replies now, actually. . . So yeah, busy but good day. Hopefully the trend continues tomorrow! Night all!
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But not the worst either. Let me break it down for you:

-->Another somewhat dull day at work, BUT it was a half-day, and it didn't feel like it dragged on too long

-->Still have no straight answer out of Nationwide regarding this home inspection that may or may not happen, BUT I got another frozen hot chocolate (this time with whipped cream) right afterward, so that took some of the sting out

-->Didn't get anything done Forgotten Vows Verse-wise, BUT I finished off another snippet of that AU I've been working on (I don't know if I've mentioned it -- it's a BBC-America-Dirk-Gently-inspired AU, where Alice is the "holistic assassin" and Victor the guy who's tagging along with her)

-->Got my dinner NEARLY dumped on me (the plate fortunately did NOT totally upend in my lap) and Mom's dinner just plain ended up on the floor when Mom, having us sit at our newish gate table for supper, moved the table instead of the ottoman and one of the legs shifted out of place (basically, one side of the table lost support and collapsed), BUT the episode of "8 out of 10 Cats" we watched was one of the funnier ones (I still think the table is unnecessary and do not understand her need to have it be part of our daily routine)

-->Started Bioshock late thanks to a brief trip to TV Tropes, and I missed an area thanks to unequipping my Incinerate! plasmid too soon (why didn't I unfreeze the morgue?! At least I confirmed I can buy the Gene Tonic it offers later on), BUT I unlocked that safe that was giving me trouble (through the magic of save scumming!), got all the other goodies lurking around the Medical Pavilion, defeated Dr. Steinman, the creepy asshole, and saved my first Little Sister (yes, I'm going for the Good ending -- the Evil one is too depressing). Also hit my first unwrecked Gatherer's Garden for some further upgrades. Currently parked near what I believe is the end of the level, prepping for taking on some more splicers -- and, a Big Daddy. *gulp*

So yeah. A bit up and down, but the enjoyable stuff has been very enjoyable, so that helps a lot. :) Tomorrow hopefully will be good too -- have plans to watch a bunch of videos and do the Van Dort house remodel in Sims 4. Also going to be doing some driving and watching another new MST3K (sequel to the last crappy movie -- ooooh dear oh dear oh dear XD). Right now, though, I should spend a bit of time catching up on tumblr and getting some more queue stuff ready to fire. Night all, sleep tight!
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Turned out to be a particularly boring Thursday in spots -- GL was simple, so I had to spend most of my day doing the DeceasedFinder. Which just wears on you after a while, you know? But I made it through, and tomorrow is a half day, yay! :D And after that four days off, w0000~ Of course, I have to start my long weekend having a chat with Nationwide about this home inspection that for some reason hasn't happened yet, but if that's what I have to do. . . There will also be more driving, but I can handle that. I just want time for a few key things:

-->Watching my videos (my Watch Later queue is swelling again, and Helloween's back to making videos now that his voice has returned)

-->Playing Bioshock (I have safes to hack, Little Sisters to save, and mad doctors to eviscerate)

-->Playing Sims 4 (I am probably more excited than is healthy about the Van Dort house remodel, and I'd like to see if I can get Marty and Jennifer started on having a family)

-->Writing (Gonna try my best to get back on track for edits on "Losing You!" I've just been so inspired with this one particular AU. . .)

Four and a half days should be enough -- I just know me and TV Tropes. . .plus I've been cautiously poking at the Bioshock Wiki. We'll see what happens, I suppose!

In other news, friend of my mom's came over to see the house today and have dinner with Mom at the local pizza joint (well, the local pizza joint WE eat at, since there's like FIVE near us -- if you ever come to RI you will quickly see that we live on coffee and pizza), and she gave me a purple orchid for my room. It looks pretty, though I don't know how good I'll be at keeping it alive. Although. . .at work, I'm the only one who managed to keep my Gerba daisy alive, and I'm even getting a new flower now. . .so I guess we'll see!

Nothing else of major consequence just yet, and I've answered everything I can answer in my inbox and on the Valice Multiverse, so I should make this an early night and get to bed. Night all, sleep tight!
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-->Ran into one of those "interesting" situations at work -- a couple where the husband was listed as still alive, but he'd actually died before his wife, and they had a gift on their account from after they'd both passed thanks to their daughter doing an "in memory of" gift using the father's pledge card. Got it straightened out, but I guess that proves why they need me working on stuff.

-->Also met the newest CAP rep today. She has a lot of interesting ideas and enthusiasm for the job! We'll see if it survives actually working on CAP.

-->More snippet writing because darn it I was inspired and it means having a ready source of AU Thursday posts on my tumblr. I did do something Forgotten Vows Verse-related, though -- updated Chapter 8 with its new Liddell door scene! You can read it on AO3, on, or on my website. It's short and kind of sad, but necessary. After all, those damn doors are plot-important -- I shouldn't have just had them pop up in the Mysterious East chapter without any build-up, honestly. At least that should be the last edits to that particular story.

-->Me: *thinking about Bioshock AUs for Valice and co (it's become very poly in a weird way)

Me: *suddenly remembers that Eldritch Abomination is a trope on the series page*

Me: *doublechecks and discovers this thing is apparently the reason ADAM exists*


Yeah, uh, I believe I've mentioned I like anything that smacks of Lovecraftian horror? ^^; And since I still can't play Bloodborne itself (stupid console exclusives), adapting Bioshock with a bit of it will do just fine. It would certainly explain all the supposedly "genetic" powers ADAM gives you. . .

And now I should really go to bed. Still got two days to go! Night all!
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Nothing particularly amazing to report -- work was work, and after work was the usual writing (another snippet of one of my AU Thursday on tumblr AUs -- I was feeling inspired with it) and making sure I had various ducks in a row in both online obligations and real-life stuff. Answered a couple of PMs, and I should be set when it comes to paperwork regarding the house for a bit. Still have a couple of bills to pay, and another PM waiting in the inbox, but that's life. I did get a giggle every time I looked at the date though -- 8/8 miles per hour~ I also made this Einstein's birthday, didn't I? Happy birthday pup!

Hmmm, anything else to report. . .well, a friend of mine has an idea for a super-angsty thread, but we won't get to it right away because now SHE'S moving. There's an interesting irony there, I think. I did my Valice Multiverse and VictorLuvsAlice queues for the night, so that's set for a bit. Already making plans for the weekend -- the Van Dort house in Sims 4 is getting a remodel, and I plan to get in as much Bioshock as I can. Not much to catch up with video-wise, though -- the Helloween is sick and has lost his voice! I hope he feels better soon. :( I'm sure I'll find things to occupy me, though. Mom was talking about finally getting the rest of my pictures hung up, which will be nice. And I'm sure there will be more driving so I can get used to it and finally get my license and all that.

Right now, though, I should get into bed. Night all -- I'll let you know if anything more interesting happens tomorrow!
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Granted, not all of them fun things, but all things that needed to be accomplished:

-->Direct Debits at work (it was the day for them)

-->Changing my address on my voter registration (got a letter about it last Friday; they say they'll send me my new card in about a month)

-->Contacting the insurance company about the home inspection we're still due to have

-->Contacting the bank about a tax bill we got in the mail on Friday (they want the bill and first payment; sending that to them this week)

-->Paying off my credit card (gotta keep my credit up)

-->Editing one of my snippets for posting on Thursday (after the above, I didn't have the time or energy to do proper fic stuff)

-->Answering a big DW PM from last week (with various addendums)

-->Answering the last of my review replies and a bunch of PMs from

-->Answering a DW RP comment from last week

-->Catching up on my main tumblr

-->Doing my Newcrest Adventures posts for the week and putting them in the VictorLuvsAlice queue

Whew! Quite the list, but I'm glad it's all done. Hopefully I can keep up the trend throughout the week. And hopefully this home inspection will happen soon so we can get that part of our lives over with and continue finishing up our house. Still so much to do a month on. . . Actually, officially a month, the closing was 7/7. . . *shakehead* Feels like both so much time and so little.

Anyway -- still a work week, so I'd better get to bed. Sleep tight all!
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Been trying to catch up on stuff again and the time, as usual, is slipping away from me. . . Here's a few bullet points for you --

-->Went driving for the first time in over a month today -- around some of the back roads of North Providence, with a stop in Twin River's parking lot because of a weird roundabout. I was nervous getting into the car, but it wasn't so bad once I was on the road. Still don't think I'm ready for the highway, but we're going to work up to that.

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- just fun Valice sexytimes. Which aren't even that sexy despite the subject matter. *shrug* Way my brain works. But they're happy and in love, so who cares.

-->Played Bioshock -- have the Telekinesis plasmid now, along with a shotgun! However, I have also died once (hooray for Vita-Chambers), and find myself still having a problem with pressing the right button to do things (like firing the gun I have instead of switching randomly between all my weapons -- the TRIGGER is shoot, Vic!). But I'm clawing my way into the Medical Pavilion slowly but surely. Now if only I could hack open one of the damn safes I found. . . I want goodies, damn it. (And I can always use more health kits -- chew through them thanks to the splicers.)

-->Watched all of Helloween's current sets! In Pripyat, he's survived a Monolith ambush and gotten himself a exosuit (just in time to be menaced by some nasty mutants); in Gaia, he's survived a trip through an underwater palace ruled by evil vampires. Busy man! Just glad I was able to catch up.

And that's the important bits -- now I have to finish answering this message on and then go to bed. Darn work nights. . .and darn me ignoring everything in my inbox until the last minute. I really have to stop doing that. . . Anyway, g'night!
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-->Sims 4? Check -- Chell, Wheatley, and Geeker didn't get to attend Geekcon, but I did send them to Skye Fitness in San Myshuno to get them out of the house. Everybody had a good work out, enjoyed some Asian cuisine (SimJapanese, I believe), and tried out a bubble blower. All on top of a skyscraper, which was pretty cool. :D So that was nice.

-->Active evening RP? Check -- doing that right now. Only got a few threads going, but hey, at least that means I'm not super stressed out about it.

-->Getting back to "Fixing You" with my writing? Half-check -- I didn't get to the actual "Fixing You," but I did write some on the side story "First Time." So same general universe; deserves a half-check.

-->Watched Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets?

Well, I could have if my parents hadn't been fighting about their damn bed frame. What happened was, their current bed frame happens to have wheels. This wasn't a problem at the old house, where their bedroom was carpeted. In the new one, though, we have hardwood floors, and unlike me, they don't have a rug. So they've been sliding around a bit when getting into bed -- and one of the wheels is broken, and Mom wanted to keep it from scratching up the floor too badly. The original idea was to find regular old legs to replace the wheels with, but they couldn't get that, so they came home with a new bedframe instead. Except that apparently their bed didn't fit on it, then there was a big thing about not being able to find the old broken wheel, and Dad was swearing all over the place and it was just -- stressful. I tried to stay out of it, but I eventually got pressed into service holding up the bed while they reassembled the old frame, and it's just. . . That stress leaked over to me, and even after it was over and things had calmed down, I didn't want to start watching anything because I thought dinner was forthcoming.

We didn't eat until about 8:15. Now, granted, we had a late lunch, so I wasn't starving or anything, but I admit, I'm a little cheesed off. It's mostly my own stupid fault for just not watching them, but. . .I don't like starting things if I think I'm going to be interrupted in the middle, and. . .well, it's hard to enjoy anything when you're stressed out. As proved by tonight's MST3K, which I might have found more enjoyable if I hadn't been so teed-off at the world in general at the time. *sigh* Though I still think the skits between movie segments aren't quite hitting the mark. (Though, honestly, looking at some of the older skits now, they weren't that great either. . .)

Anyway. Gonna do my best to get through all the Helloween tomorrow -- at least there's only two Pripyat set,s plus one Illusion of Gaia. Got driving tomorrow too, and Bioshock if I plan right. . .but for right now, I gotta get back to my RPing. Night all!
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Part-literally -- one of the things I did with my free time was hike up to one of the local Dunkin Donuts (I now live near THREE within a quarter-mile) and get another frozen hot chocolate. Easy way to beat the heat and humidity still sticking around today. And a small is pretty cheap too. Factor in that we still have that gift card, and life is good. :p

Other things of note today:

-->Work was bog-standard boring, with me chipping away at a list of potentially-deceased people. At least a half-day of this is easier to take, especially since I was able to break up the day by putting in some checks and sending some e-mails regarding the database system's glitches lately.

-->Wrote some poly AU stuff for my writing time. Don't think it was my best work, but it was good writing practice, at least. And honestly, I edit even my snippets viciously whenever I come back to them, so I can consider it just a first draft. :p

-->Played Bioshock -- have managed to avoid death-by-splicer and death-by-security-bot, though it hasn't been easy. I'm kind of chewing through first aid kits and EVE. On the plus side, I've learned how to hack stuff, and made a few robot friends. :) It's weirdly endearing to hack a security bot to be on your side -- especially when the flying ones follow you around. :) I have also gotten my hands on a machine gun, and the Incinerate plasmid (aka the one that lets you throw fire around). I'm currently in the Medical Pavilion, listening to Dr. Steinman get gradually more and more unhinged via audio diary. That boss fight's going to be fun, isn't it? Still, I'm gradually getting the hang of things, I think. And it is fun to be able to set people on fire now. (Alice: *no doubt glaring at me in my head*)

-->Parents fired up the new gas-powered lawnmower, which worked as-advertised -- our lawn now looks like a lawn, instead of a field. Highlighted the fact that we need to fix up the driveway, as well as the front walk, but one thing at a time.

-->Have spent quite a bit of time on TV Tropes, because that is what I do with my life. Revisited the A:MR page, looked at a couple other horror game pages, currently looking at some of the tropes that show up in the Bioshock category. As you do.

-->I have started setting up my VictorLuvsAlice queue for the next few days, at least, which includes putting Chapter 2 of "Secundus" up on AO3. Hopefully people shall continue to enjoy my old NaNoWriMo stuff!

-->Current plans for the rest of my waking hours tonight include doing my Valice Multiverse queue, finishing up the VictorLuvsAlice one, and answering a few things in my inbox. And maybe watching a video really quick, because yay videos.

-->Plans for tomorrow: Sims 4, some active RP in the evening for a change, maybe finally getting back to "Fixing You" with the writing. And watching Helloween's latest STALKER sets. Should be able to manage all that. (Plus a room vacuum since I want to stay in that habit.)

Anyway, better get to the rest of the stuff on my to-do list. Night all, sleep tight!
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It's not even that hot out, just STICKY. Bleh. Vicky no likey. I think we're supposed to finally get a break this weekend, though. Unfortunately said break might be thunderstorms, but. . . *shrug* Take what you can get.

Pretty quiet day today. Let me give you a few of the highlights:

-->Parents got a few bookcases for books up -- they're talking about getting mine up this weekend too. We'll see how it goes, but it would be nice to officially unpack, that's for darn sure.

-->We also got a lawnmower! . . .which we had to take back after the battery died after fifteen minutes of cutting grass. *sigh* Now we have another, gas-powered lawnmower. Hopefully that one will do better.

-->Parents went out looking for kitchen chairs, came back with bathroom stuff (mostly because they didn't fall in love with any chairs, but Mom found some bath mats, a shower caddy, and a shower curtain she liked).

-->On my end, did some editing on the other new scene for "Forgetting You," then wrote up another snippet of an AU (I was inspired).

-->Got my first water bill (paying that this weekend) and a form to fill out to get a homesteader's tax break (which will take a bit longer as I need to get copies of stuff and get the last page notarized and all that fun stuff -- but I've technically got til the end of the YEAR to get it in, so. . .)

-->Have managed to keep on top of review replies and most other inbox stuff. Still working on the PM in there -- I'll probably dedicate Friday's lunch break to that so I can get it as done as possible.

-->Also did my Valice Multiverse queue -- and got rid of the "semi-seasonal" category. Not the verses, just the category. Reason being, people love the verses that were in that category, and I realized it was kind of dumb to insist they were only truly active around Halloween. So they're just mains now. Makes no nevermind to me, really.

And that's about it, really. Gonna hit the sack now. Half-day Friday tomorrow! We'll see where it leads. Night all!
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Yup, added the new "Alice's first time encountering a burning Liddell door memory/first time using Hysteria" scene to Chapter 5 of "Forgetting You." Read it on or on AO3 -- I also updated it on my website, but the formatting went wonky, so. . . (not unreadable, but still). I have also been inspired to add a second "burning Liddell door" scene to the Deluded Depths chapter next week, as establishing Alice's guilt over her possibly being behind the fire should be done a little more directly than her just telling Victor about it. Last edits I'm making to the story, though. Just -- really, the plot-important memories should be in the damn story.

Not much else to add at the moment -- been keeping on top of my review replies for a change, which is nice. And I'm catching up on Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, which is also nice. We also now have a lawnmower, which is good, as the lawn needs mowing. Hopefully we don't run into more dog shit out there (I found some in the yard last time I went to fetch laundry off the clothesline. Bad enough dealing with it on the bike path at home -- I refuse to let it start festering in my own back yard!). Mom's also said that later this week (I suspect starting Friday, possibly Saturday), they're gonna have me start driving around the neighborhood, and try a dry run of the drive to work over the weekend. I'm -- I dunno if I can say I'm looking forward to it, as no matter what I don't really like driving, but I'm mentally prepared for it, at any rate. And I do need to learn if I'm going to get along here. It's a fairly simple drive at its heart, I think I can manage. With some prepwork. Think my driving test is going to be scheduled for sometime in September, possibly early October. We'll see how I feel after getting to grips with my new neighborhood.

Anyway -- need to hit the sheets after finishing up with Cake Wrecks catch-up. We'll see if tomorrow's any more exciting. Night all!
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I DID THINGS today, people. At least in my fandom life. I have:

-->Answered all of my latest reviews on

-->Answered the long DW PM and much shorter DW RP comment

-->Read and reviewed two fics (one posted just today; one I've been meaning to read for a few days now)

-->Answered some PMs

-->Queued up a few more things for VictorLuvsAlice, including my next AU snippet for Thursday

-->Did the Wednesday queue for The Valice Multiverse

-->Answered my tumblr messages and reblogged a couple of "bookmark" posts

-->Finished rewriting that "Hysteria" snippet for "Forgetting You" -- think I can slip that into the appropriate chapter tomorrow

Granted, I'm still behind on some stuff *eyes The Comic Curmudgeon* but at least I'm clear on everything that requires my active participation! And now I'm really tired and need to go to bed. Night all!
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Because my parents ended up having to tear up a bunch of temporary flooring they put down in the cellar in the old house, and it just wasn't prudent for Mom to come and pick me up while they were in the middle of that. I didn't really mind -- hell, I was most annoyed that we hadn't planned this from the beginning so I didn't have to ask my coworkers if they could break the five I brought as emergency money. Ended up doing dinner on my own too (overloaded turkey sandwich with pickles, peppers, and avocado, plus leftover potatoes and cantaloupe) -- gave me a chance to watch this week's AT4W, at least! Batman Odyssey #1, which is bad, but fortunately of the "so bad it's good" variety -- more goofy than anything else. Nice change of pace from some of the shit we've gotten lately.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was catching up with various websites and doing some writing on that "First Liddell Door/Hysteria" sequence I'll be inserting into "Forgetting You" at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, having to refresh my memory on the Hysteria sequence, plus getting home later in general because of the bus and trying to figure out what I wanted for supper kind of threw my afternoon off -- didn't get as much as I was hoping to get done done. I think most of the stuff in my inbox is going to have to wait until tomorrow to be answered, as I'm honestly still pretty tired (combination of last days of period and leftover tired from the damn yard sale), and I have to get to bed in just a minute thanks to work. . . Ugh, July in general has just been exhausting and absolute murder on my focus. I'm hoping things take a turn for the better again in August. At least now we're pretty much completely done with the old house, bar a few things that need to go to the dump and a couple of mirrors Mom needs to take home. I mean, there's still lots to do, but we only have ONE house to deal with now. That's gotta make a difference, right?

Well, anyway, need my sleep. Night all, sleep tight!
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Yard Sale was kind of a nexus of frustration and -- well, I can't say "failure," not really. While we didn't sell as much stuff as we were hoping, we did sell a good chunk of the ephemera (magazines, sheet music, other paper goods), along with some other junk. I myself sold about $70 worth of stuff, including some DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and even stuff like my old graphing calculator. Nice to have real money again, I gotta say.

But yeah, not as many people showed up as we would have liked, meaning there was still a bunch of stuff to pack up afterwards and prepare for moving either to the dump, local charitable organizations, or to storage. Just a very long day with a lot of shit to move and my parents getting all stressed out over it, which stresses me out, which -- yeah, just a bad cycle. Too tired and too grumpy once I got home to do any writing (also had a headache, which didn't help) -- although I DID do a queue for Valice Multiverse, so I guess we can count that. And I do have an idea for what I want to do tomorrow writing-wise -- one small scene insert in "Forgetting You." No major edits or anything like that -- just somebody pointed out I really should properly introduce Hysteria into the story, instead of just mentioning it as a given thing later on. And I remembered I actually DO have a scene I wrote up for it early on, but for some reason never actually included in the story. (Maybe I felt it took place too close to the scene after the scene break? But that ship sailed in the second Dollhouse chapter, so. . .) It also properly introduces the flaming Liddell door memories, so I think I'm gonna revise it and quickly stick it into the Hatter chapter of "Forgetting You." Always felt that needed a little more to it anyway.

Other major non-yard-sale accomplishment was catching up on videos -- Helloween had his Illusion of Gaia set (which included diamond mines and freeing slaves within, the Nazca drawings, sky gardens with mirror-image dark sides, battling demons on falling architecture, and crashing an airplane into some sort of ocean palace (no not that one)) and a new STALKER set up (which included an escort quest into the tunnels under Pripyat, save scumming to make sure certain idiots didn't die, and the main character outing himself as basically a military "spy" because plot). Good stuff, and it's nice to not have any of that hanging over my head before the beginning of the work week.

Speaking of, really do need my sleep here. And I'm all caught up on everything I can catch up with currently, so I'm hitting the sheets. Night all!
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One of the few times I've been paying enough attention to the time to do so! Mostly because I have to go to bed in a second so I can get up early for the Wakefield Yard Sale. . . Honestly, it might be for the best -- I got my period right before going to bed last night, so it's been one of "energy levels are not good" days as a result. Stupid uterus. . . But hey, how did I do on my to-do list?

Cleaning: Accomplished! Though it took longer than expected, since I wasted some time trying to find Swiffer cloths that I later learned simply weren't there (Mom hadn't picked up any). I did, however, wet-Swiffer the kitchen floor, then vacuum the hallway, living room, and my room. So the house remains not too mucky for another week.

Writing: Accomplished! Not with much skill thanks to period-brain, but I did manage to write a poly-based snippet from my "Victor and Alice went through AMA together, then Victoria and Emily end up joining them for A:MR, everybody falls in love and when Emily butterflies she ends up in Wonderland so they can all sort-of stay together" verse. (So many AUs, so little time...) It was pretty sweet, so I'm glad I did.

Playing Sims 4: Accomplished! Despite Origin's best efforts -- an update that just refused to download properly. I ended up having to restart my computer to get it to work. *grumbles* And then the game took way longer than normal to start up. . .but eventually I got in. Was a Nikal-at-work day -- game suggested that Nikal was going to have to choose between good and evil in her work day, but it didn't really seem to pan out that way? *shrug* I did get FutureSims Labs its own steampunk rocket, at least. . .and afterward, I had Eric attend the Humor and Hijinks festival, just because. Good times, and a lot of socialization for him. (That didn't include idiot vampires dying, no less.)

Watching Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat set: Accomplished! Last thing I did, but it was fun. Helloween explored a complex rife with zombies and used the famed Strelok's gun to take them out, handed in a few quests, and started getting a team of ragtag misfits together to go check out Pripyat itself! He also drank until he passed out and nearly got killed by a bloodsucker. XD Such is life in the Zone.

So yeah, despite everything, got my four main goals checked off! So I guess I had a pretty good Saturday. :) And now, I need to hit the sheets -- work tomorrow, technically. And kind of my last hurrah down in South County. At least the weather's supposed to be nice. . . Night all!

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