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I'd caught up with tumblr, I'd done my ValiceMultiverse queue, I'd caught up with my websites, and all was right with the world.

And then -- this ask: "So what's your first Valice fic ever that truly shipped them? Not the Forgotten verse, but the drabble types."

Cute me spending what had to be a good hour and a half scouring my journal archives trying to find out when exactly I started shipping my favorite OTP, but also when I first started writing fic about them. I didn't really succeed in either, but did you know that I've been shipping Valice SINCE 2008? I mean, I remembered I got into the pairing through wanting to put them both into the old Beyond The Rift community, but -- HOW DID THAT GET TO BE ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO?! I just -- I -- when did this become my life?! I'M NOT READY FOR VALICE TO BE TEN YEARS OLD TURN BACK THE CLOCK

. . .maybe I'm just annoyed because I seriously don't remember when I gave into the ship and thus can't give the couple a proper anniversary next year. *sigh* Ah well.

In other news, Parish Weekly Report Day at work! Took up most of my time, but got everything I needed to get done for it in the end. Also found time for an import and the daily confirmation e-mails, go me. Also had to contact some people about how the mortgage stuff is going -- found out the insurance binder isn't done yet, but apparently will be tomorrow, so -- we'll see how that goes. I swear, every time I think things are going okay, another bump in the road appears. . . Just hoping it's settled now and we can just proceed to closing.

And now I really have to go to bed -- though not without answering at least a few of those e-mails inside my inbox because it's getting freaking ridiculous, it really is. *sigh* One day I'll be on a healthy sleep schedule again. . .until then, g'night.
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