crossover_chick: Alice in Hysteria mode firing her Pepper Grinder (AMA: SO MUCH RAGE)
Rather standard, fairly boring work day capped off with yet more house-buying problems (in this case, having to pay for the insurance binder before it could be sent off to the bank, which they did not warn us about before -- I mean, I expected to pay them, I just thought they'd send the binder off anyway while getting the bill settled? That's what the e-mail implied?). It should be settled now, again, though I'm not sure how much I trust that. And between having to deal with that and needing to make muffins, I once again had to skip writing. I am not liking this trend at all. *grumbles* At least I made some progress with getting more of "Rabbit Hunt" onto AO3. Small steps. And I was able to increase my main tumblr queue out to the first part of Saturday, so that's something too.

Not much else to report, really. At least tomorrow has two things going for it:

-->Free lunch (the boss is ordering in barbecue food, for reasons unclear to me, but hell with it, I like barbecue)

-->Small possibility of early dismissal (there's a big meeting for everybody from 2 to 3, and rumor has it we'll be allowed to leave after it's over) -- would be nice to get home about an hour earlier (depending on traffic, of course, which has been shit in the afternoon all week so far)

So yeah, we'll see how that goes. Weather also supposed to be nice, or at least decently summery, so that's good too. Will roll with it. For now, g'night.
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