crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
Signed the papers that needed to be signed, and faxed them to the Nationwide office with the help of a Staples fax machine. (Also got Dad's birthday cards from me and Mom, so that worked out.) I also finally got my online account with them properly set up, so that was good. Hoping that's all behind us now. Just want this whole thing to be over with already. . .

Other things of note this Saturday:

-->Weather was kind of icky all day -- humid, but not really hot. This is the worst weather to attempt to get comfortable in. :( Plus it was cloudy and blah like it was going to rain, but it didn't. Hoping tomorrow's an improvement.

-->Got another bit done on "First Time" -- some tickling was had :) I love writing them as playful and silly. They're very cute when they're tickling each other and just telling each other how much thy love the other. It's nice.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Marty invited Jennifer, Emmett, Victor, and a random NPC friend, Sonya, out to Discotheque Pan Europa for a Dance Party. It went well -- both Marty and Jennifer got dancing skill, everybody busted some moves, and Jennifer managed to advance another notch on her Aspiration! Nice, no-stakes party for everyone to enjoy (literally, it's just "send your Sims somewhere to dance." No goals or rewards). Good times, good times. . .

-->Marathoned all of Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets, plus his second Nier: Automata weapon stories set. There were many attempts on his life in the Zone (a few that even succeeded, hence why he saves so often), but Helloween defeated them all through a combination of skill and panic-firing. XD He's moved onto the next map in the game, and I'm curious to see what adventures he'll have there. He's already murdered a bloodsucker who was lurking right in front of home base. The weapon stories were depressing as always, though it was nice to see both versions of the original Nier getting a nod (if you weren't aware, there's two variants on the character thanks to there being a Japanese and a European version of the game. The games are functionally identical, but in the Japanese version (I believe it's called Replicant), Nier is a young man looking after his sick sister, while in the European (Gestalt) version, he's an older man looking after his sick daughter). Just makes you want to give all the characters involved a hug even more.

-->More new MST3K -- sadly, the skits are back to being largely unfunny. I mean, they're not horrible, just they rarely hit the mark for me. (Though Crow eating his emotions in the first one was amusing.) The movie itself, The Land Time Forgot, was another one of those that takes too long to get to the actual plot, then rushes through it. Riffing was good, though. If nothing else, the theater segments tend to be on the mark.

-->Currently doing RP while trying to keep up with main tumblr and answer stuff I never got around to yesterday. You guys know the drill by now.

So yeah, better get on the rest of that. Night all!
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