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I meant to do this at 10:04, but -- TV Tropes. ^^; I wanted to read the Chrono Trigger page now that Helloween has finished playing it. What can I say, I like the game and its characters.

Pretty decent day today, I gotta say! In (rough) order:

-->Easy ride into work, which was nice -- got in with a little time to quickly check my e-mail before starting, in fact!

-->Work itself was pretty simple -- just a lot of last-minute adds for the end of the fiscal year. Putting on checks and stuff. Can't complain.

-->And we got out early at 3, w000. Got the bus home, made it by about 4:40.

-->Finally got the clear to close from the bank! Had some papers to esign, which I did as soon as we'd all looked them over. Projected monthly payment and closing costs are actually LESS than estimated, which is a pleasant surprise! Suddenly this whole mess feels like it's finally, truly happening! w000~

-->Result of this? Homemade sundaes! Traffic was too bad to go out thanks to the 4th being tomorrow (and it being hot -- I've no doubt most ice cream place were mobbed), but I pointed out we could get some whipped cream and make our own. Add in homemade chocolate sauce and some mini M&Ms, and you had quite the tasty treat. :D

-->Got another chunk done on "First Time" -- Victor and Alice are due a slightly embarrassing chat, but it'll lead to some cute bathing together and snuggling. I like it when they snuggle. :)

Aaand -- that's about it, really. Tomorrow's likely to be spent at least partially in prepping some of my stuff for packing and transport, but I still intend to watch Linkara, at least. And Helloween's got another set of him and Rufert vs DS3. Gotta find time to fit that in. Right now, though, I should catch up on a few of the things I've been neglecting while TV Tropesing. And watch a video or two just for fun. Night all, sleep tight!

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