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I didn't actually do anything with my room (save make a note that the Sims 2 game discs need to be discarded and talk a little with Mom about how to make my new headboard once we're in the new house), but I did get a few things done:

-->Finished off the latest chapter of "First Time," yay. Coming up is more sexy shenanigans -- or, well, what passes for sexy with me. I shall endeavor to make sure they at least enjoy themselves.

-->A nice walk outside as the weather was lovely. Hot though, whew! But I can take hot -- it's summer, hot's meant to happen.

-->Caught up on Helloween and Rufert's DS3 set (mostly running around fighting endless waves of baddies (while having to scream at each other because everything loud) or Rufert trying and failing to remember Grimace from McDonald's name while flying through space fighting an alien sphincter), and his latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat set (had to hunt down a thief who yanked his stuff from his box, went bloodsucker hunting, cleared out a bandit camp to save a hostage -- all quite competently too!) Good times, and it's nice to be ahead on videos, given this upcoming weekend is going to be busy as shit.

-->On a similar note, watched Linkara's latest episode too. Another "it's pretty good but has some flaws" comic ("Superman Vs The Terminator #2" -- Supes actually ends up in the future fighting Skynet directly, and the Supergirl of the time takes on Terminator-battling duty), and another somewhat-worrying storyline segment. Linkara still has one ally in his fight against Vyce, but his other friends are planning on sabotaging some of his systems to get him to back off his extremism. . .ooh, this is not going to end well, I think.

-->Just did the Valice Multiverse queue -- pretty busy one. Also making plans for taking a hiatus for a while -- I'm not going to be in an RPing mood at all during the move. I should be able to make one more day of replies before it happens, but then, tumblr in general is going to be "view only, and that's if I have the time" for a bit. (A lot of things might end up that way for a little while, in fact...)

-->And just finished up answering a bunch of comments, so I'd better get to bed. Work tomorrow -- oh, this is going to be a weird week. Gotta call the lawyer, though, make sure we know just how much we need to bring to the closing. . . *deep breath* Okay. Night all!

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