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Yup -- all the paperwork is signed, the down payment paid, the keys given from seller to buyer. I officially have a mortgage and my own house!

And between a day of absolute pouring rain and poor Mom getting a sinus headache midway through the closing that turned out to be a real killer, we couldn't actually do anything with the house today save take another walk around it and drop off our painting supplies for the weekend paint-a-thon. Whoops. Fortunately, it's not like we have to move in that minute, and we're hoping to make up for lost time tomorrow. No sleeping in this weekend, but then again I didn't expect to.

So yeah, closing this morning, then we went out for lunch (because food is important), then we went home so Mom could sleep off her headache after taking some medicine. I've spent most of the afternoon watching various YouTube videos, though I did also write a snippet of a new AU I came up with, so at least that's something. No video games, though -- I'm probably not going to have any time after today anyway, and I figured starting Bioshock in the new house would be a decent way to "christen" it. :p Just trying to keep the stress to a minimum here, and while I love gaming, it can be very stressful sometimes. (Just ask Helloween -- he just had a hell of a fight against two mutated dwarfs that kept beating him up telekinetically in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat. At least he didn't crabwalk and clip through the scenery in disturbing ways like one of the NPCs at the start. XD) Binge-watching YouTube videos and the like seems like the way to go right now.

Anyway -- I gotta get up fairly early again, so I'd better wrap things up here. Got a thing or two I'd like to answer, if possible. . . G'night all, sleep tight!

Date: 2017-07-14 01:24 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] anonymoose_au
anonymoose_au: (Arthur-Cartwheel)
Wow this is totally super late, but congratulations on your purchase! Very exciting! :OD

Since it's your house and mortgage will you get the best room or are you and your parents in 50/50 ;O)

Good luck with the move!

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