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Spent the day at the new house helping the parents clean it up and start painting rooms -- my room's now completely painted (a really nice shade of purple called "Night Music"), and my parents' has had the first coat put on. Mom also scrubbed the bathroom, and I cleaned the baseboards and sanded down some rough spots in the living room. Not too shabby, right? My parents are going back up there tomorrow to do the second coat on their room and paint the living room while I clean up my room and finally get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need anymore. The ideal situation would be us actually living in the place by the end of this upcoming week -- we'll see if we manage it! The house is pretty much livable, it's just a matter of fixing all the most immediate problems (mainly new paint, some new doors, getting the garage in order, and updating the kitchen and bathroom a bit.

Only other thing to report on is watching the Jack Frost episode of MST3K -- a Russian-Finnish production that mashed together a bunch of fairytales apparently just because. (I learned later looking it up on TV Tropes that it's meant to be a comedy; still a mess. And the translation into English does it no favors.) Good times, with some good riffs and skits. Of course, I could be biased -- JF is a Sci-Fi era Mike episode, aka how I was introduced to the show. And I always tend to prefer the version I was familiar with first. . .

Anyway -- while stay home means getting to get up a little later, I still want to get up earlier than usual so I'll have plenty of time to clean off my toys and box up the stuff suitable for yard sales and/or the dump. At least I don't have any too pressing responsibilities at the moment. . . So I'm gonna go back to reading TV Tropes for now. :P Night all!

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