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Things NOT to do in the future -- save all my paystubs from a job I quit like SEVEN YEARS AGO. Or every bank statement I ever got. (Though fortunately I CAN'T do that one again, since I do all my banking online now.) I spent like TWO HOURS this morning shredding an entire garbage bag's worth of old financial papers. I've got the remaining piles down to a dull roar (aka nothing earlier than about 2012 at most), but MAN, that was rough.

Also rough -- going through all my books, movies, and CDs and sorting out the ones I'm getting rid of from what I'm keeping. The former pile is a lot bigger than the latter, let me tell you. My watching and reading habits have changed a LOT in the past five years, and there's stuff I haven't touched in AGES that I'm now either selling, donating, or dumping. As for music -- well, I've ripped just about everything I want to my computer now, and honestly I do most of my listening on YouTube via various official and unofficial videos, so. . . Admittedly, my Dad expressed an interest in going through what I'm getting rid of to see if there's anything we should keep on the family level (particularly DVDs to watch while working out), but that's not quite the same thing as having them gathering dust in my room in particular.

I also made a short start on my toys -- didn't get far as the shredding and the books (and the dusting -- I must have gone through five socks wiping up all the dust on one particular bookshelf. . .yes, socks. I don't know what it is about the ones we buy, but they pick up dust a treat), but I got all my loose BTTF minimates dusted and lined up on a clean shelf. (I have 28 of them! That number jumps to 36 if you include the ones I bought but never opened because there really just wasn't room on the shelf. (37 if you count Copernicus as a minimate instead of an accessory.)) Damn, they made a lot of these little bastards. . . And that's just my BTTF-mates. I have another shelf FULL of the damn things. (And, actually, I'd like to get one last set if possible -- the 2016 Ghostbusters. I want the girls to hang out with my classic 80s Busters. AFTER we move, though.) Not to mention my Corpse Bride figures, and my Alice stuff. . .there ARE a few toys I'm planning on getting rid of, but most of them are coming with me to the new house. Because yay toys. (What, I like having all sorts of little dioramas -- and given the bookcase headboard Mom's planning, I'll suddenly have plenty of shelf space for them. Maybe we can print out backgrounds for them!)

Despite spending my day dumping stuff into boxes and dusting with socks, I did get a few other things done:

-->Wrote some more of a snippet of my new "Dirk Gently But Not Really Since It's Just The Bart & Ken Parts" AU -- I SHOULD be working on "First Time," I suppose, or getting back to "Fixing You," but this is where the muse is now, and it's low-pressure since it's just a snippet. (Although one of my friends expressed deep interest in reading this stuff, so. . .medium pressure, perhaps.)

-->Watched Helloween's latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Priypat set -- much was accomplished in the way of artifact hunting, getting cool new suits, hunting chimeras, and investigating downed helicopters. Oh, and dying. The chimera was a nasty beast and took out Helloween twice before he managed to beat it, and a minefield in front of the helicopter blew him up a fair few times. He took it in his Helloweeny stride. XD I really do love him and his LPs.

And now, it is time for bed. Because I do have work tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too stressful or too boring. . .night all!
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