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Maybe not as much as I might have liked, but I did get a new import in, the GL done (after a few stops and starts thanks to little errors), and I'm all caught up on the maintenance from the processing company. So w000 there. My parents had a productive day too -- the carpet is up in my room and theirs, and they've finished painting the living room. My room and theirs need touch-ups, though -- apparently the paint we got is unfortunately kinda shit and peels/chips pretty easily. Meh. At least all the colors look nice. Mom's also cleaning off the stove so we can see if it's usable -- if so, we don't have to worry about reworking the kitchen right away. (It would take a lot of finagling, since the stove is smaller than the modern normal, and the sink larger. Figures, huh?) And cable, internet, and telephone are all installed in the new house, so that's a good thing. Busy but good day all around.

Of course, it was also kind of a long one -- I mean, work was work, but then I was sitting around at the house for a bit while Dad loaded up old carpet to toss later and Mom scrubbed the stove, and then we had to take the back way home because the highway was jammed (also all the lunatics were out driving today, I swear -- we must have nearly gotten hit at least twice). So I ended up getting home LATER than normal thanks to that. *sigh* Not having any tumblr commitments at least helped me still get some writing in (more snippet stuff), but between that and the weekend being a fairly long slog of work of some sort, I'm feeling kind of wiped. And this upcoming weekend is when Dad is hoping to basically move us in to actually start LIVING in the house, so. . .and then there's a yard sale weekend, and I'm basically already pooped just thinking about it all. When can I go back to playing Sims and starting Bioshock plz

Ah well, nothing for it but to just push onward. *nods* And fortunately I've already emptied out my inbox, so I'm ahead of the game. We'll see what I can do tomorrow with Parish Weekly Reports day. Night all!

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