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It's another hot & sticky night, we spent about three hours this afternoon/evening looking for a rug for my new room (fun fact: 9x12, the size Mom insisted that we get, is basically almost nonexistent these days. We lucked out in finding something vaguely gray in a Job Lot), we ended up eating dinner almost at 8 o'clock at night (and we almost went out to eat, but our favorite little restaurant was MOBBED), and basically thanks to how late we got home, I couldn't get any writing done. And work had some pretty hefty boring bits. At least I got a lot of money moved to where it should be and was able to talk to my supervisor about using my lunch break to catch an earlier bus on Friday so I could have a bit more time to clean up the rest of my room.

Point being, I am not much in the mood to talk, and really should be getting to bed soon anyway. Damn move. . . Hope you guys had a better time of it. G'night.
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