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Me, having my smoothie this morning: Okay, Sunday! Since Saturday was such a mess of moving and getting injured, I should probably spend the day either a) catching up on the videos I want to watch, or b) unpacking!

My Brain: Or you could get totally obsessed with typing up a snippet of a story you're probably never going to show anyone else because it caters so specifically to your tastes (specifically your interest in hypnosis) that it's basically just for you.

Me: . . .Or we could do that, yeah. . .

Well, uh, on the plus side -- more than caught up on my writing from the past week? ^^; I mean, it's totally self-indulgent subby Victor, but it still COUNTS, right? . . .I promise I'll get back to stories I mean to show other people soon. Just -- I need a bit of fic that's just for me. The particular scenario I'm writing has been like a comfort fantasy for a while now, and it's nice to get it down in proper words.

I DID watch a few videos -- namely:

-->Helloween doing 9S's DLC arena from Nier: Automata -- robot control! With a side of angst, of course. And ending on a curious cliffhanger featuring a mysterious invitation. . . (Technically I watched this yesterday, but I didn't mention it, so. . .)

-->Helloween and Rufert finishing off Dead Space 3 with the incredibly short DLC "Awakenings." The tone of the DLC is much more in-line with what Dead Space is supposed to be, but it still featured annoying "too many waves of enemies" shooty sections, hilarious party bodies, and a bleak as hell ending. Also it was only an hour long, which neither man was happy about. Meh. Ah well, it was a fun LP, at least.

-->Linkara reviewing more Tandy Computer Whiz Kids! This time, the Kids look up a dude on the computer to see if he's a wanted criminal and are showered with accolades. Also the plot involves a kid being randomly kidnapped for unknown nefarious purposes. You know, for kids! :p Linkara was in fine form -- he is just so done with how stupid and repetitive these comics are. Sometimes, you really just want to give the guy a hug.

-->Plus a random WhatCulture video about movies that deserve "cult classic" status, only one of which I've heard of. (Though I did hear it was good -- Dark City, for the curious.)

I also restarted my main tumblr queue with some stuff I already had liked/drafted -- I'll be restarting the RP queue on Wednesday (or, well, Tuesday night FOR Wednesday), I think. Gives me an extra day to look over my predrafted replies and make sure I've got as many people as possible. Also got some new fics from my "Dirk Gently" friend to read and review. . .ah, and now that we're settled into the new house, I think I can actually watch the show! Hell, maybe I can even watch it on the TV -- I'll have to see if Contour obliges.

On the moving front, all my clothes are now here at the house -- my new room has TWO closets (his and hers?), so I've put all my "summer" stuff in one, and all my "winter" stuff in another. I need new hangers for some of my "winter" pants, and a new bag for my special BTTF jacket (I finally ditched the old one as too dusty and old), but other than that, looking good! We also hung up my posters (BTTF II, Corpse Bride, Alice, and a "signed by Christopher Lloyd" Addams Family), and we've got the rest of my pictures in a couple of boxes to be hung up later. I should have everything I'm planning on keeping here with me now. All still in boxes, but I'll fix that as the week goes on. I'll have a bit more time in the afternoons, after all.

And now that I think I may have FINALLY won the fight against a fly caught in my room (damn thing was so fast I couldn't swat it -- I had to resort to getting the vacuum cleaner and wildly trying to suck it up), I'm going to bed. At least with the new house I can get up at 7 instead of 6, so I'm not missing quite so much sleep. Night all!

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