Jan. 6th, 2017

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Commute in was a slow crawl, though not as bad as it could have -- though I saw two accidents just getting out of town, the roads were relatively clear. We got a few inches of the white stuff, luckily of the powdery kind, and it ended by midmorning. However, we're supposed to get at least three inches tomorrow sometime. . .and possibly up to a foot, depending on which way a storm goes. Ah, January, you are a cruel month. . .though not as cruel as February, which I seem to recall as being the typical snowiest. . .

Work itself was pretty simple -- spent most of it doing obituaries and roster maintenance, plus helping my coworker out calling some people with overpayments. Not too crazy. Of course, it's likely to get busier as the days go on. . .gotta prep myself for that. The first three months of the year are always the toughest, as I'm fresh off having a lot of time off and the appeal is starting to get into motion. But I'll survive -- I did last year.

Writing went well -- got another page and a half on Chapter 10. In Victor's POV now, talking about Nell already making plans for another arranged marriage. I think we all know how well that's going to work. :P I'm not ENTIRELY sure it'll be done in time for next Friday, but there's a decent chance it will be. There's just more to rewrite now that I thought there would be (chapter plot is going in a slightly different direction than the original, where it was just 'see how many ways Nanny can bring Nell down a notch'). We shall persevere and see what happens!

And, as is kind of usual for Fridays, I fell down a TV Tropes hole and haven't done much else this evening. Ah well, it's my first real week back -- I'm not gonna beat myself up too badly for it. I will try to get a few more things done before I retire for the night, though.

Right now, however -- I think I might get myself a snack. And wash the excess moisturizer off my hands (darn dried-out knuckles -- another reason I hate winter). Night all!

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