Jan. 7th, 2017

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Snowed pretty much all day today -- was fairly light but steady when I woke up, then got heavier for a while around lunchtime. Everything out there is pretty darn white. Dunno how many inches we got, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least six -- and we already had some snow leftover from Friday, so. . . Tomorrow's supposed to be clear, though, I believe, so that's good. Gives people time to clear up the roads so hopefully I won't have too shitty a commute on Monday. Mom said that if things aren't too bad outside tomorrow, we'll go up to the parking lot and see about getting me some snow-driving practice. Makes me kinda nervous, but I do gotta learn. New England and all. We'll see, though -- right now, our street isn't looking like it was plowed at all, despite me seeing multiple trucks going by with lights flashing.

As it was definitely a "hole up and do your own thing" day, that's just what I did. Wrote some more on Chapter 10 -- somehow managed to take a turn into them talking about what if they'd met as kids and the games they liked to play. Got in a mention of Victor's interest in dragons -- including a reference to a REAL dragon of legend from England, Blue Ben. I'll be getting them back upstairs and back to "Nanny vs Nell" tomorrow, though. Yeah, this might be a longer rewrite than planned. . .

After that was Sims 4 -- decided to hold off on the McFly/Parker vacation for now, so they can build up some more funds for a proper one. Did get them out and about, though -- sent them to the local gym so they could work out and I could set up lot traits for the place. (I really do like those -- it's so nice to make a gym and then slap on a specific trait to make earning fitness easier there. :) ) Jennifer also attempted to make some new enemies, since she HAS to be disliked by two people to advance in her aspiration. Succeeded with Eliza Pancakes, but no dice on her other victim. *sigh* I really should just change her aspiration at this point, this is getting annoying. Though I guess I could try to get Eric to hate her more again on his side. . .hmmm. We'll see.

After that was internet video times, including Helloween's Replay of Dead Space! More murdering and nostalgia -- amusingly, he came across a certain area in the game where his microphone broke in his original LP, and confessed that he'd been having trouble with his sound equipment AGAIN and was using a different program than normal. XD Hydroponics is cursed, apparently. Certainly with many horrible gribblers. Helloween's death count is rising, but mostly Isaac is handling the infestation of dead monsters with as much grace as an engineer who really didn't sign on for this can manage. XD There was also a Fun With Shorts on school rules, which was amusing. Saving the ObsCure video by Hells for tomorrow, along with his last set on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (yes, last already, short game is short apparently).

And now, current projects -- get caught up on tumblr dash and DW reading page, answer everything I didn't answer last night thanks to falling down the TV Tropes hole, do more work on The Valice Multiverse (I actually have my personal tumblr open in Chrome while the Valice tumblr is open in Firefox to facilitate this -- also found a great xkit addition that can help me mark my place in my dashboard! Oh yes thank you SO USEFUL). All while listening to the Sims 4 soundtrack on YouTube and adding favorite pieces to my "Favorite Reading Music" playlist. So off I go!

But first -- watch this commercial. Seriously, it's great, especially if you love any of the stuff represented. :D

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