Jan. 11th, 2017

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-->All the worst rain happened overnight -- it was actually sunny most of the day (though I'm still glad I wore my rubber boots, as it was very slushy walking up to work)

-->My coworkers ended up taking care of most of the complicated stuff today, so I spent my day matching addresses & names to ID numbers in our system for a certain fundraising thing (and cleaning up a LOT of duplicates in the process)

-->Shockingly smooth ride home, I was amazed

-->Good chunk done on Chapter 10 -- Nell is being salty, and Victoria and Nanny are having none of it; also Victor briefly got the better of Bumby's voice in his head

-->Surprisingly quiet on tumblr, and I was able to answer an ask I had to abandon last night because I'd written almost all of my reply just before going to bed -- and then misclicked on something that took me off the page and wiped it all out. Was almost ready to scream when that happened. Fortunately there were no accidents today!

-->Got another Verse post up on The Valice Multiverse! Secundus post is now complete. Actually managed to make a start on the Valice: Madness Returns post too, which is nice. Needed that

-->Despite EVERYTHING, I was able to afford all the new dragons, a second Ornamental habitat, the new path, and the new special decoration in the Frosty Jubilee. Game is also running a bit better now that the event's over, so maybe I'm not TOTALLY down for the count yet. (Though I probably can't use weather anymore)

-->Friend made a new Skyrim AU featuring the Valice gang -- while I am not up on my Skyrim at all, the histories are still an interesting read

-->In fact, pretty much the worst things that have happened to me all day are banging my knee on a chair (which did indeed hurt) and a brief scare about Mom and Dad paying the car insurance a day late (cleared up by the time I got home)

So yeah. Much better middle of the week. Time to clear up the last of my responsibilities and hit the sheets. Night all!

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