Jan. 12th, 2017

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Morning was busy -- another import to -- er -- import, except it was incorrect so I had to e-mail the people back and go "oi," then a reasonably decent-sized GL to tackle and that CAP check to get on -- but the afternoon was quiet, with me taking care of some roster maintenance. (And some extra maintenance on the side -- found a first name that was more or less a keysmash thanks to some epic mistyping, and somebody who'd gotten a number as their last name.) So yeah, interesting balance to the day. At least I was able to keep busy.

Not much else to say. Wrote some more on Chapter 10 -- Nell brags about their house having an indoor privy, Charlie's like "but why would you want your home to stink?" XD Bought a Seasonal Island theme in DragonVale, because why the hell not, I could afford it. Caught up on tumblr and did my queue. Listened to some music, read some fanfic. Researched Skyrim for that AU Nebby came up with (have discovered she turned Emily into a cat person -- no, literally). Pretty nice night, I gotta say. Would be nicer if it were Friday, but hey. Just one more day, and then I have a three-day weekend. It'll be good. :)

Right now, though, I have a few last messages to answer -- time to get on that. Night all!

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