Jan. 18th, 2017

crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (Default)
Quiet day at work -- I whiled away most of it clearing up the obituaries and suchlike. Not a heck of a lot to do at the moment. . .but then, I should be grateful for that. Soon enough it's going to get BUSY.

Got some more written on Chapter 11 of "Remembering You" -- post-fight clean-up is going easier than the actual fight, no surprises there. Fight scenes are awesome but HARD, yo. I also prepped Chapter 10 for editing and uploading tomorrow.

And then caught up on tumblr and my DW messages (I couldn't get to them last night, it was just too late), did my queue for tomorrow, and am about to get off and get to bed because sleep is a good thing. So yeah. Night all!

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