Jan. 25th, 2017

crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (Default)
Although at least it was sunny this time around. I spent most of the day working on duplicates for CAP again. Slowly but surely getting through the list. . . We've also added another confirmation e-mail, this time for pledges, so I did that and updated my instructions accordingly. Not much to it, really.

Also a quiet day in writing -- got another page done on Chapter 12, which takes me up to an internal chapter break. Which I figure is a good place to stop for a bit, as tomorrow is all about uploading Chapter 11, so. . . Still going pretty smoothly, which I appreciate. :) I also managed to get the Londerland Bloodlines post up on The Valice Multiverse, which makes me happy. Pern Crash's is next!

Right now, though, I really need to get myself to bed -- still got work to go to in the morning and all. Sleep tight, everyone!

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