Jan. 27th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
And Lewis Carroll, of course -- can't forget the author of Alice. :) But Mom had a good birthday -- I was able to get her exactly the presents she wanted (a new cookie sheet and a "silpat" silicone baking mat to stop stuff like cookies sticking to said sheet) and she and Dad went out antiquing and she got a new bracelet. And when I got home from work, we had pizza and got a little chocolate marbled cheesecake to share with Hershey's Special Dark chocolate ice cream topping. Delicious. :D

My day went all right -- finished off that CAP thing, did some obituaries, did a lot of maintenance that involved moving stuff around, and took a phone call right at the end of the day helping some lady figure out her giving history for tax purposes -- fortunately I didn't miss my bus! I also got a bunch done on Chapter 12 -- cracked out the art book for Alice: Madness Returns again as I redid the description of Fixxler's shop. I'm so glad to finally have him in the story now -- he's fun. And eee, we're ramping up to Victor's big moment~

There is one small negative to today -- I've more or less finally given up on DragonVale. I can't even get the app to open today for more than a second without it crashing. It's just -- it's more stress than fun right now. If and when I update my tablet, I'll probably come back to it, but for now. . . I did get what I wanted most of all beforehand -- the fire-breathing dragonarium. That'll hold me for now. :)

Anyway -- I've been working hard clearing out my inbox (well, okay, first I listened to some music on Youtube and mucked around for a bit, THEN I started working hard on clearing out my inbox) -- replied to some reviews, gonna get to another big DW PM in a minute. Also caught up on tumblr, reblogged a few things there. And Weebly's editor is working again, so here's Chapter 11 of "Remembering You" and Gigs's 2013 Christmas fic. Gonna do that PM and see about getting my tumblr queue for at least the weekend settled. Night all!

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