Jan. 29th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Mostly -- there was a little scrambling at the end of the day here to catch up on stuff. But I am caught up (DW reading page, Comics Curmudgeon, Cake Wrecks, tumblr dashboard), and even have a queue ready for tumblr, so yay there.

Things of note today:

-->Parents went out to an open house and gave me the day off driving (needed it, frankly). Said house turned out to be a lot SMALLER than it first looked. Bleh. Welp, nothing for it but to keep on trying.

-->Watched a few videos from The Sim Supply regarding the new Vampire game pack -- yeah, I think I'm gonna get it. It looks fun, and I think there's a skintone available for all Sims that would make Victor look a heck of a lot more like -- well, Victor.

-->Also played Sims 4 myself -- Wheatley had a pretty successful day at work as an Orderly, so that's good. And he and Chell are doing really well on the romance front. Apparently my game ships Chelley as much as it ships Valice. :D I approve!

-->Wrote some more on Chapter 12 -- editing Victor's Emily dream. Not too much needed in terms of tweaking, though I did reword some stuff here and there. Pretty certain I'll make my hoped-for Friday update, though it might be a smidge tight. Chapter's longer than I expected. But still, it's been easy editing, soooo. . .

-->Caught up on Helloween videos -- started his LP of The Last Of Us (which starts with one hell of a gutpunch -- fortunately Hells being a goofball as usual and wandering off while his AI partner gets repeatedly punched in the face helps undercut the depressing) and watched the latest set of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (in which there was much death because poor Hells can't catch a break and was also on strong headache meds). Also watched a very jumpy "Fun With Shorts" on the scientific method. Good times.

-->Adorable picture of Witch!Victor by a tumblr friend. I really love the outfit she gave him, and his glowing butterflies. :)

And that should be about it -- gotta hit the sheets now, since it's another day of work tomorrow. And I will need to drive to the bus stop -- well, at least that's a route I know very well. G'night all!

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