Jan. 31st, 2017

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No, seriously, that's the name of the snow event we had today -- a fast-moving snow with high winds that comes through the Canadian Rockies and is named for clipper ships because of its speed. It whipped in around noon and ended up sending us all home at 2. Which is a good thing for me, as -- thanks to a TON of accidents on the road -- I ended up having a two-hour-ride home. Bleh. I still got home ahead of my usual time (especially considering that, if today had been a non-weather-event, I would have had to take the 4:30 bus home thanks to traffic this morning), and I had plenty of time to finish up my edits on Chapter 12 of "Remembering You." w000~ Now onto the wonderfulness of Chapter 13! :D

I also finished up another universe post on The Valice Multiverse -- you can see how the whole mess is progressing here, if you like. I also got to watch Linkara! Mostly because it was a short (14 minutes) episode about a comic that's more "meh" than bad ("The Star Wars," based on the earliest Star Wars scripts -- full of goofy names and weird shit), but still. Good to see him mock characters for being dicks, go-nowhere plots, and goofy talking R2-D2. And I got some more tumblr queueing done, and I'm generally pretty caught up on things. So that's good. One PM that I still need to craft a reply for, but that's what lunch break tomorrow is for.

For now, I should hit the sheets -- night all, sleep tight! Hopefully it won't be too snowy still in the morning...

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