Feb. 4th, 2017

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Let me give you the sum-up:

-->Got up at 7:30 because we had to go out to see a house in North Providence at 10, meaning we had to leave by 9. I actually woke up shortly after 6 because my arm had gone numb, though I was sort of half-asleep for a while after that.

-->Went to see said house -- while the realtor was actually decent this time, the house itself was not nearly as big as we thought (the attic rooms were basically unusable thanks to the slope of the roof), and Dad was of the opinion that it wasn't worth it because of all the work we'd have to put into it (according to him, the bathroom needed to be entirely gutted).

-->LONG drive around Warwick and Cranston to take a quick look at some other houses, which includes a lot of getting lost thanks to RI streets being naturally confusing. I was actually spared driving since we took the truck, but being a passenger and listening to Mom swear at her phone was bad enough. One small silver lining is that we did find a house that looked pretty decent over in Cranston, but we'll see...

-->Stopped at Cumberland Farms for a snack -- hot chocolate and chocolate peanut butter square. This would have been fine if I hadn't been eating a LOT of sugary meals in a row (I had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night, ice cream for dessert, and sticky bun bread for breakfast), meaning I was actually feeling kinda chocolated out. (I am better now, having had chicken soup for lunch and burgers and fries for supper.)

-->Got home and did my writing -- more on Chapter 13. Okay, that was genuinely fun -- I'm loving writing this scene and doing all the memory snippets he's getting during it. Perhaps not EXACTLY relaxing, as it is a fight scene, but still.

-->After lunch, decided I was gonna go big or go home with Sims 4 and bought both expansion packs I didn't have, all the game packs I didn't have, and two stuff packs. Decided to watch the current end of Sim Supply's vampire miniseries on YouTube while they finished downloading --

And about midway through the video, EVERYTHING FREEZES, with the sound catching and making a godawful screech. I'm absolutely fucking terrified that something's gone seriously wrong with my computer. Eventually it stops, the YouTube page throws up an unresponsive script message, and the computer slowly starts working again -- I manage to exit out of everything (games have happily already downloaded by this point), get back to the start screen, and shut down. It's been working fine ever since I restarted -- I THINK something might have happened with the McAfee scan that was going on at the same time that temporarily threw everything into chaos. Nevertheless, damage was done, and it took me a while to actually get myself to do ANYTHING with the computer. I didn't even PLAY Sims today in the end (though I did update my most important mod). I ended up playing some Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines instead. Fortunately that was fun and worked fine -- I did the Santa Monica part of the Schreknet quest, saw Bertram to get his mini-quest, then went around the city following clues as part of the Lambrosa quest. I've currently got Harry parked in the basement of the library, ready to kick some Lambrosa ass once I can get him past the obligatory sneaky bit.

So, yeah. Not my favorite kind of Saturday. Though at least I made some good progress on Chapter 13, and enjoyed my time with Bloodlines. And watched Hells's latest Dead Space set, featuring Isaac infiltrating a crashed ship full of super-fast necromorphs and a shooting minigame! Good times, good times... And I got lost on TV Tropes for a while investigating something on Resident Evil 7 as prompted by an Outside XBox vid (which is in itself one of my biggest time wasters). What are you gonna do.

Okay, time to see if can make any sort of progress catching up on other things tonight. Off TV Tropes anyway... Here's hoping Super Bowl Sunday is a little better! Night all!

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