Feb. 9th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Although, upon waking up a bit early this morning (my Dad was being loud on the phone) and looking outside, I thought what I'd gotten was a RAIN day -- it actually rained most of the morning. However, shortly after I got up officially (around 10), it turned to freezing rain, then a wet, sticky snow whipped around by strong winds. Took a bit to get any accumulation, but Dad's confident we got about six inches. Farther inland got hit worse -- Cranston, where my aunt lives, got like a foot. Despite this, I do have work tomorrow, though we do have an hour's delay (starting at 9:30 instead of 8:30) which means I can get up a bit later and take a later bus. And who knows, by morning they may have changed their minds and decided to throw in the towel -- most of the schools have already decided they're not bothering opening, so. . .

Anyway, my day consisted of mainly:

-->Writing some on Chapter 14 of "Remembering You" -- this one's short, and I fully expect to have it completed by the end of the weekend. Did Victor waking up after the fight and his and Alice's first kiss. :D Nice to write some happy fluff after everything else that's happened in this story.

-->Going into Sims 4 and poking around CAS and some Ancient Ruins in Windenberg, exploring some of the new clothing, skintones, teeth options, vampire-specific looks, traits, and build and buy mode stuff. If I can edit already-made Sims from their house (and I think I can), Victor's DEFINITELY getting the new ultra-pale skintone. It makes him look so much more him. Also found that Alice rocks one of the new vampire dresses (I have a version of the couple saved in my gallery, so I could try them out in different stuff) -- might give it to her as a formal outfit. I also tried to make my Gangrel, Harold Carter, from Bloodlines, plus the female Malkavian protagonist, but -- well, it's hard to find good pictures of them, and I'm lacking a necessary hair for the Gangrel (his dreads). Ah well. Also, I don't like that you can't make already-made Sims vampires -- what if I've got someone in my gallery that I want to give fangs to? There should be a "vampirization" option. Ah well. Gonna play properly this weekend -- Marty and Jennifer should be visiting the city, especially if I get lucky and a festival pops up for them to attend. All this new content, so little time. . .

-->Watching the recording of a stream Helloween did back in January of "A Link To The Past" (all 1 hour and 47 minutes of it!). All right stuff -- it was fun watching him play, and while his banter wasn't quite the same as you get when he's LPing and thus making more of an effort to be funny/silly, he was more than acceptable to listen to. I doubt I'll ever drop in on a live stream (I find the format way too distracting with the chat, and I like having the opportunity to rewind if necessary), but I'll probably watch more recordings after the fact.

-->Watching some more vampire-themed videos from The Sim Supply -- his grand master Vampire Finn has cured his mentor in battle (it, uh, makes sense in context -- involves a fight and then Finn splashing the other vampire with a cure potion) and is in line to be the new top vampire. . .only for his plasma-selling business to run into a little snag (you may not be able to actually sell plasma packs). There was also a one-shot of "Dr. Acula," a vampire doctor who is awful at his job and either glugs plasma from his patients or turns them into vampires to "cure" them. Good stuff. XD This was followed by some outsidexbox videos, because those are fun too.

-->Making some Valicetines! I'm ahead on my tumblr queue again (nice feeling), and I already had an idea in mind for what I wanted. . .ended up making four of them, three a bit silly and one sweet. I'll set those up in the queue later.

-->Catching up on tumblr and reblogging some stuff. As you do.

So yeah -- some productivity, but mostly me getting caught up in watching YouTube. Well, it is a snow day. . . And now I do have to hit the sack, as it's still just a one-hour delay. (Seriously, what's the point of that?) Night all!

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