Feb. 10th, 2017

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Got up at 6:30 and took the 7:45 bus in to work -- which actually got me there shortly before 9, so I was able to leave at 4 as usual. So that was nice. :) Had a decent enough day -- mostly catching up with the stuff we weren't able to do on Thursday and cleaning up more obituaries on my end. Nothing too major. Slow ride home, though -- passed two accidents, one involving an SUV that had flipped over and another where a car had driven into a ditch. And this morning I saw a guy spin out and lose his front bumper! Dangerous times to be out on the roads. And now they're talking more snow for tomorrow (just another one to three inches, but the roads around here are still rather slushy and icy, so...) and a possible storm on Monday. It's like we're getting all our snowfall in the space of one month. (Not that I mind that much so long as it keeps to the "give me a snowday" end of the scale. If it must snow, ensure that I don't have to go out in it, new boots or no.)

Evening's been pretty quiet -- not particularly productive, though that's mostly because I watched the latest Sim Supply Vampires video (he's figured out how to sell plasma packs!) and a bunch of outsidexbox stuff. I did manage to finish Chapter 14 of "Remembering You," though! Mostly because it's short and basically just pure fluff. The final wrap-up really occurs in "Fixing You." But it feels good to have it all wrapped up! That'll be going up on schedule next week, and then -- well, I have to actually WRITE "Fixing You," but as stated, I might take a quick break to fiddle around with some other universes for a bit. Probably Londerland Bloodlines, given how much of my gaming life involves vampires at the moment. XD

Right now, though, I really need to catch up on a few things (particularly tumblr) and get my brain back in gear. Night all!

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