Feb. 19th, 2017

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Or, well, that probably should be the other way around. . .let me explain with a breakdown of my day:

-->Got up as my parents were heading out to see some open houses, so I had the place to myself for the morning -- made a shake, played some iPad games, all the usual stuff.

-->Started "Fixing You!" Plunging right into Victor's sketchbook being hidden by the kids and Victor being revealed as having a bit of a problem talking about his time as Thirteen. Getting the feel for the story. Hopefully it'll go well!

-->Noticed that MSN weather said the temperature was in the mid-50s -- decided this was ideal weather for walking up to a local Subway and getting a six-inch chicken teriyaki sandwich. Was a bit tricky to navigate some bits thanks to slow-melting snow, but I got up there and back safely. I was going to eat my lunch with Helloween's Resident Evil 7 videos, but it proved a bit messy for that so instead I read the "Not Always" sites while I chowed down. This was probably a good thing. . .

-->As HOLY HELL RE7 IS INTENSE. I'm used to somewhat-goofy science labs with pus-sore monsters going up against well-armed action gals and guys. This one -- you're one guy, you're going after your wife, there is a bit with a chainsaw that proves -- "disarming," shall we say? We're only two sets in and I'm like "holy shit." Hells is too, basically -- I don't think I could watch this without listening to him treat some of the more disturbing sequences with his trademark snarky sense of humor. And even then, it's a pretty tense experience! Whew. . .

-->So, yeah, given that, is it really any surprise that I decided to lose myself on TV Tropes for a little while? I needed a bit of cool-down from that mess, and browsing through various trope pages -- going from the RE7 page itself (though I didn't read much on it) to the Papers, Please page -- provided.

-->Had my shower, then decided, since today is basically a Saturday Part II when it comes to free time, that yes, I could play Sims. Alice confirmed to be in third trimester when I went back to her and Victor's house -- made the right call in going back! I got some pictures of her and Victor being cute together around the house -- it felt wrong to send them out with her so heavily pregnant. I even had to take a vacation day off work -- what the heck happened to maternity leave, Maxis? At any rate, they had a nice day together -- Victor FINALLY finished writing a song on the piano (just three more to go for his aspiration), while Alice tended to her needs and watched a bunch of movies.

And then, in the early morning hours, it happened. Alice went into labor. I kinda wanted her to go to the hospital to deliver her kid, but I couldn't figure out how you did that, so she just did it at the bassinet. And -- it's a girl! Named her Emma, since that's close to Emily while still being its own thing. :) Got some sweet pics of Victor and Alice with their new bundle of joy -- I might do another double Sims update this Thursday on my tumblr just so I can share the love (and Marty being bit by a vampire XD).

-->Current activities are doing replies on The Valice Multiverse, and watching an LP of Papers, Please as the TV Tropes page got me interested in the darn game. It's surprisingly interesting stuff for something that's basically just examining a bunch of papers. Curious to see where it will lead.

So yeah -- perhaps not my most productive day, but nice nonetheless. And I've still got an entire day off to go. :) Though that one's going to be video-focused -- I've got a Linkara double feature, plus two other Helloween vids to watch. Oh woe is me. :P And another drive with Mom, though I don't think that'll be too bad -- we're going up Rt 1, which should be relatively leisurely. At any rate, I should get back to my replies -- night all!

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