Feb. 25th, 2017

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Nice: The weather -- got up to about 60 again today! Freaking beautiful, and I am depressed it's all going away soon. :(

Nice: My driving, for the most part -- we went up Rt 1 toward Westerly so Mom could look for a curling iron. Stopped at a beauty supply store (where everything was way too expensive) and a Job Lot (where there was like one curling iron set that Mom didn't want; picked up some new drinking glasses and soap and such, though). Rt 1 was nice and quiet, and there were no incidents -- just smooth driving.

Stressful: I've gotten a bit rusty when it comes to parking -- or, rather, I think, turning into some parking spaces. To be fair, I haven't actually BEEN parking much on my jaunts lately -- we just pull up in front of the houses we're looking at. Nothing happened, as I said, but it's something that's going on the practice list. Also, the drive started off pretty stressfully, as Mom rushed out without a coupon she wanted, and we had to go back to the house to get that.

Nice: Got home, had a nice Fluffernutter, banana, and chocolate chip cookies for lunch, and caught up on The Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks during it.

Stressful: And then I decided to get my taxes out of the way. Had trouble logging in to TurboTax AGAIN, but fortunately after that the whole process went relatively smoothly. Took an hour, but I'm getting a pretty healthy refund from federal and state combined, so that's good. And now it's out of the way for another year.

Stressful: The weather turned foggy and we had to save the remaining clothes that were on the line -- kind of a secondhand stress from Mom having to get all the now-slightly-damp stuff over the railing.

Nice: Got another chunk done on "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice are in Fixxler's shop, and Alice just learned she can do the spell False Flesh! Now the writing's starting to flow. :)

Nice: Played Sims 4 -- Emmett had the day off work, so I had him futz around for a while, making dragon sculptures, chatting with a passing Alice, and finding voodoo dolls with treasure maps. To my delight, about mid-morning, a festival thing popped up -- the Flea Market! I had Emmett take Nikal and head out. He had a good time -- chatted with some friends, watched Marty perform on the little stage set up there, tried some very spicy curry, met a vampire that somehow did NOT die from sunlight overexposure (possibly because the game had classified him as a Vendor for the flea market and it would have been awkward), sang some karaoke, FINALLY got off some successful flirts with Nikal, traded crystals with Victor (also a Vendor, in a very cute outfit), bought a light that turned out to be worth more than he bought it for (so free money!), shot some hoops, and tried the bubble blower. Very much worth the visit! :) I didn't think I'd like City Living's content so much, but so far those new city neighborhoods are the bomb. Now I just have to do something with clubs. . .

Stressful: In a very low-key way -- took a TON of pictures of Emmett's flea market adventure, and I'm having trouble paring them down to just ten. But I'm not sure I want to do yet another double Sims day on Thursday. . . Hmm. Decide later.

Nice: Got my main tumblr queue up and running through Wednesday! Which includes getting up this rather steamy Secundus fic (seriously, NSFW, involves Victor and Alice fooling around sexually). So that was nice and productive.

Nice AND Stressful: Watched Helloween and Rufert's first two sets of Co-Op Dead Space 3 -- funny stuff, especially since we have party necromorphs (not QUITE as bad as F.E.A.R.'s party bodies, but close!), but I had to keep pausing and going back a bit whenever I missed a line or got distracted. Rufert and Hells kinda talked over each other in places, and it could make it hard to keep up. Still, looking forward to further party times. XD

And now I'm doing the RP thing, which is also kind of in the Nice AND Stressful category -- enjoy it, but there always seems to be another reply I have to keep up with. . .ah well. Time to get back to it -- night!
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