Feb. 26th, 2017

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Well, I did a LITTLE more than that, but yes, the day was largely dominated by YouTube video watching. Here's the breakdown:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- Fixxler getting all excited over Victor meeting Elder Gutknecht, explaining the Emily situation, then offering to take Victor and Alice Downstairs. Good stuff~

-->Played some Bloodlines -- mostly a "wrapping up all my Hollywood quests" day. Set up the Schreknet hub in Metalhead -- ALMOST got caught by some guards at the end, but some judicious application of Nightwisp Ravens and hasty sneaking got me in and out without a problem. After that it was down the block to the Gargoyle's theater to take care of that side quest -- managed to follow the right dialogue path to get him to side with Isaac and resolve the whole mess peacefully. Also grabbed Tap Hotel from the theater for Gary. Reported to Isaac and got his approval on the Gargoyle, then headed down to the Nosferatu Warrens to finish up Imalia's first quest and get her second, and to find Bertram's lost Data CD. (Had to consult a walkthrough for that one -- it's easy to get turned around in that place!) As Imalia's second quest (get her a certain magazine of her old supermodel self on the cover) could be completed while still in Hollywood, I went ahead and just did that one to knock it off the list. Then it was over to Santa Monica to finish off Berty's side quest, then Downtown to let Max know I hadn't let it slip who created the Gargoyle and get me a new magical bit of awesome. And then back to my apartment to get the skinny on my last Schreknet appointment and update a few of my skills with my new experience points. Very productive day, to be sure! And now that I have most of the fluff out of the way, I can get back to work on the actual MAIN quest. XD Chinatown, here we come!

-->Had lunch while reading Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, because fun times~

-->Watched Helloween's latest RE7 sets, including the one he uploaded this evening. Sets continue to be shockingly tense and very visceral and gloopy. Poor Hells does not like the new zombies that pull themselves out of the walls. I'm handling it okay, if only because his commentary remains top-notch. And because he does things like saying he needs to find a TV while walking by one in plain sight. XD Love you, Hells!

-->Also watched his latest Castlevania set, which involved a lot of tough bossery, Magic Seal fail, and exploration of alternate endings! Yup, Hells deliberately fluffed up a few bits to show us content we would have otherwise missed. :) Fun stuff, and I hope he remembers to show us a bit of Julius Mode as he promised -- it would be nice to see how that works.

-->After that was a "Fun With Shorts" on good citizenship, a few videos on gaming easter eggs and weird mistakes, and two videos from Sim Supply on his upcoming "vampire apocalypse" (he isn't calling it that, but that's basically what it is -- his plan is for his main vampire Sim, Finn, to imprison some Sims downstairs as a food supply, then turn everyone else into vampires so he can basically rule over all of them). Fun stuff, even if James was hit with quite a lot of fail, and a nasty bug that undid a lot of his progress in the first set (protip -- before asking someone to move in with you on a retail lot, SAVE FIRST. Apparently something screws up during the move-in process that resets things to an earlier save).

-->And the rest of the evening has been catching up with my reading page and tumblr. So yeah, usual stuff. And now I have a couple of comments to answer, and a bed to get into -- full work week this week. And not a single multi-day weekend until mid-April. *wince* Well, I've got vacation time if I need it. For now, good night!

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