Feb. 27th, 2017

crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (BTTF: fic stuff)
Caught myself rereading large chunks of "Remembering You" today, on my lunch break and during this evening. I dunno why beyond I really like some of the scenes I came up for it. And it keeps me inspired for "Fixing You," I suppose. (Wrote about another page on that tonight -- Victor's just canonically learned how to do Glowing Orb and is thrilled to death :D) And to be fair, I did still manage to answer everything I had in the inbox today. So even if I wasn't 100% on my game, at least I was able to be productive as well.

Not much else to say about the day -- had a bit of an issue with the GL that took me past lunchtime to solve, but at least I was able to wrestle it into submission eventually. Got my monthly bus pass for March, so that's out of the way, at least. Caught up on my main tumblr -- though I got distracted on THAT by reading through a "love quotes" blog and a "otp prompts" blog. And getting caught up in thoughts of my OTP, which is nice but not really productive. . .but like I said, managed to get everything I ought to get done, done.

Tomorrow -- first weekly report of the charitable giving season! AKA something extra to do -- but hey, at least the day goes by quicker. More "Fixing You," of course, and tumblr queues. Basically the usual. So yeah. Night all!

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