Feb. 28th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Getting the first round of weekly parish reports out is what took up pretty much my whole morning at work today -- we had some new stuff to adjust to in running them and making them all work as they should, plus the whole process just generally tends to take a while. Longer when you forget to change the text at the top of the report, I learned. >.< Ah well, it was a simple mistake and I got it fixed in the end. So that's all set for this week -- and I got GL and daily confirmation e-mails done too. Plus a batch of people we're checking for deceased status for CAP (since we have that service). So yeah, productive day at work, I suppose.

At home, I have written more on "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice have both learned some spells, Alice has gotten all excited about being able to take Victor to Wonderland, and Fixxler's about to give them a bit of backstory. It's all good. :) I have also set up my Valice Multiverse queue, caught up on regular tumblr, answered comments and PMs, and even found time to watch a Helloween video! Granted, it was a short one on "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" (originally on the Gameboy) that Hells did because his jaw hurt like heck, but still. Fun times! Still need to figure out my Thursday Sims post, though. . . I have made the decision that, since I'm currently not DragonValing, I'm probably going to move my Sims posts to Wednesday so I can have the Thursday slot for AU nattering again. I already have stuff queued for this Wednesday on dragons, so it'll start next week. You know, for anyone who cares. (Sims stuff is under newcrest adventures over there!)

Anyway, should head out since I can make it a fairly early night. Need my sleep! Night all!

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