Mar. 3rd, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
Not that much happening at work today -- I took the opportunity to catch up with some roster maintenance and obituaries. Did have my database program crash on me though, that was fun. . . Seriously, our main program for keeping track of our constituents and the gifts has been buggy as heck lately, and I am very tired of it. We all are. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

I meant to be reasonably productive on my lunch break, but I got caught up in reading a fanfic (for BBC Sherlock of all things -- it was on a friend's bookmarks page and I got curious), so -- yeah, that basically took up all my time. And then roughly the same thing happened when I put up the Christmas gift fic I wrote for my friend Britt last year on my website, and decided I ought to link to one of Kirsten Sheley's old stories, "...And Baby Makes Four," since an early sequence in there also featured Doc making a baby-soothing invention that didn't quite work right, and that served as kind of an inspiration for my own idea. Ended up rereading a large portion of it just because it was there. I cannot be trusted around stories today, it seems. :p

However, I DID get a good chunk done on my own story -- they're in the village now in "Fixing You," and Victor's having to face down some less-than-friendly villagers. I also got my main tumblr queue done up to Tuesday, so that's good. Still some stuff I have to catch up on, but progress is being made! And I even found time to watch another one of Sim Supply's Vampires videos -- two new prisoners have joined the group in Finn's secret basement! James still succeeding admirably in turning Sims 4 into a horror game. XD But it's good fun to watch, and keeps me inspired regarding my own Sims, so that's nice. :)

Right now, though, I'm going to take a short break by watching a couple of sets of DeceasedCrab's Papers Please LP, then do some more queueing and answer some stuff. Trying to keep the train rolling here! Night all, sleep tight!

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