Mar. 5th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Mostly in the sense of "the wind wasn't blowing so hard so it could actually feel like the temperature it was" -- which was still the 30s, mind. Bleh. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to warm up as the week goes on -- I'm hoping!

Reasonably productive day off today, I believe:

-->More "Fixing You" -- the gang's at tea, and Nell accidentally insulted the club Alice's mother was a part of while in life. More awkward Van Dort/Liddell interactions make this little side trip to the Van Dort mansion totally worth it. XD Also came up with a reason for them to be there apart from the trip Downstairs -- Emily getting her gravestone at last. Group's going to see that before they pop Below.

-->Played some Bloodlines -- after a little popping in and out of my apartment complex to get some of the poster quest from Gary completed (I had the first two items he was willing to trade for), I finally headed over to Chinatown and actually did a few things relating to the main quests! Ming Xiao was met, Wong Ho's obnoxious daughter Kiki saved, and a rendezvous with his friend Zhao set up. Which I am now ignoring in favor of a side quest involving two hitmen who each want me to kill the other so they can get at the stash of money from their last job (locked in a safe that needs two keys, they each have one). I'm actually hoping to resolve this in the peaceful "make them friends again" manner, but it looks like I might need more Persuasion skill. Fortunately I got some XP recently from the Kikinapped quest.

-->Some driving practice in the beach parking lot -- mainly backing up, parallel parking, and reverse parallel parking. I'm still struggling with a tendency to overcorrect. At least I'm pretty okay at actual driving, but -- well, parking is a pretty important skill. We'll keep working at it. Gotta get my license at some point, after all.

-->Watched the end of Helloween's Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow LP (final stage is set in a H.R. Giger flesh-world nightmare, of course, and involves a final fight against a creature made up of many many fused demons -- fortunately Soma kicked its ass and made the world safe again; Helloween then proceeded to show us a very short clip of Julius Mode where he completely fluffed up the first boss XD) and his next two sets of Dead Space 3 co-op (he and Rufert keep blocking each other on ladders, futzing up puzzles, encountering party bodies, and ragging on each other's aiming skills while doing their best to ignore most of the plot XD). Good times. His next set of RE7 also popped up, but THAT is definitely a thing to watch during full daylight with plenty of time for palate cleansers afterwards. (Plus it's three bits.)

-->Did my Valice Multiverse queue, including FINALLY finding a reply I had lost to the mists of time. Jeepers, that was annoying, but at least it's there now! Even if the thread now goes nowhere, I have officially cleared out Forgotten's old backlog. Hah.

-->On a related note, finally changed the sidebar on my main blog to reflect my current RP blog status (getting rid of all the links to the other blogs I don't use anymore). About freaking time, right?

-->Answered all comments and PMs on and here, so that's good. Nice clean inbox.

And now I have one last message to answer on tumblr, one last thing to reblog, and then I'm going to bed. Another long workweek ahead. . . *deep breath* Let's get to it. Night!

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