Mar. 6th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Yeah, kind of a busy day at work today -- and here I was worried it was going to be slow because I started off with some roster maintenance. A stock gift, some CAP questions, direct debits, GL, updating addresses -- and, as indicated by the subject line, the phone ringing damn near off the hook. Lots of people either needing to correct things on their account or asking questions that needed some research. I suppose at least the time went by, but still. Kinda stressful.

Night's been easier -- wrote another page or so on "Fixing You" (getting to the gravestone part, will probably do the timeskip ahead to Chapter 4 and sunset soon -- but not after dealing with Victor swearing at Nell. . .and maybe visiting his old room?). Played a bunch of games for the current Fruit Ninja event (they kept giving me "play again free if you watch this video" messages, so what the hell). Got a little more done on my personal tumblr queue (had a Londerland Bloodlines post written up for Thursday). Left a review on a fic and answered some comments. And even had time to watch a WatchMojo video on creative Hitman series kills and indulge in reading an OTP prompt community on tumblr. ^-^ What can I say, it gives me the fuzzies. (Er, the otp prompts, not Hitman. Though I would not mind Hells doing another of his 'let's assassinate' videos.)

And that's about it at the moment. We'll see if tomorrow's any busier or quieter than today was. Will at least be warmer -- 40s instead of 30s. What cheeses me off, though, is that the current forecast is warming up until midweek, and then the weekend drops back into the high 20s-low 30s! D: WTF? I kinda wanted to go to the mall this Saturday, but I don't want to freeze my ass off waiting for the bus. Bleh. :(

Well, I guess I have the rest of the week to decide if I'm willing to risk it. . .right now, I should get some sleep. Night all!

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