Mar. 8th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
As it was a rainy one this morning, and you know what that means -- fun with traffic! Major slowdowns even before we passed NE Tech, so it was an 8:30 to 4:30 day for more. Fortunately it was also a pretty quiet one, with the majority of my time spent doing merges to get rid of some duplicates. Which got old after a while, let me tell you. I suppose it's a change from feeling like I have TOO much on my plate, but still. . .

I also had to make my muffins this evening, so I skipped "Fixing You" in favor of a shorter piece -- a sort of sequel to my friend Auntie Keith's three sentences of Coffee Shop AU. Because why not? (Also reasonably certain she has a birthday coming up, so now I can keep this in reserve.) Pretty much all of the rest of my night has been catching up on tumblr and other websites -- hooray for having my queue ready ahead of time! And for it being a Valice Multiverse "off" day. And not having a lot to answer when it comes to comments and PMs. Though I did get a heads-up from my friend Nebby about her having some stuff on the gallery -- have to check that out. (She made a wedding chapel called "Tarts and Flowers Chapel," which I may have to download as a point of pride. XD Dunno where I'd put it, though. . .hmm.)

Anyway -- the usual last-minute things to finish up, then bed. Slowly but surely making our way to the end of the week! Night all!

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