Mar. 10th, 2017

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Have spent most of my evening watching Outside XBox and Sim Supply videos, and am now struggling with getting sucked into TV Tropes. However, I did get about two pages written on "Fixing You" regarding the gang exploring Victor's old room, so that's good. I also got the last prize I needed to get in Fruit Ninja's Valentine's event, so I can safely go back to ignoring that now. :P And I managed to run out of islands in Solitaire Blitz by completing the last one currently available. So I guess I'm on fire in a few areas. XD

Weather report: The snow storm that we were supposed to get this morning didn't end up coming until around 7, and it fizzled off into light snow. . .but it DID end up snowing pretty much all day, and while the roads were treated enough to remain clear (I actually had easily two of my smoothest rides getting into and out of the city today), they're now wet, and with temperatures dropping into the teens tonight and not expected to get above the 20s tomorrow or Sunday. . . We didn't get our delay this morning, but we got an early dismissal so we could get out while the roads were still decent. Hence my managing to get all that done with Fruit Ninja and "Fixing You." There's also a potential nor'easter coming up the coast -- it could be REALLY BAD if everything goes right. I'm not particularly a fan of REALLY BAD, so what I'm hoping for is a snow day that turns out to have been a bit overhyped. Hell, a bunch of schools canceled today over something that wasn't that bad -- it could happen! Keep your fingers crossed.

Not much else to say at the moment. Plans for tomorrow include Sims 4 (playing the Chell/Wheatley/Geeker family, and doing a little "fun with community lots"), watching Helloween's RE7 sets (because I'll have plenty of time to recover from the grosser elements), and of course more writing. As it stands, I really should get my queues done before I start in on more TV Tropes... *puts on the concentration music* Okay. Night all, sleep tight!

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