Mar. 12th, 2017

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AKA why I went out earlier this week to get lady stuff, just in case. It actually showed up around when I took my shower -- my motivation to do things has been going downhill ever since. Luckily I got most of what I needed to get done earlier:

-->Another page on "Fixing You" -- group is FINALLY in the Land of the Dead! Time to meet Bonejangles and get that part of the story going.

-->More Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines which started with me going, "Okay! To make the two hitmen friends again, I need to have at least 7 in Persuasion! So let me assign some XP and -- my Persuasion's already 8, wat" Fortunately all it took was me talking to the original guy again and convincing him to make peace, then going back to his former partner turned drunkard, and telling him to give the guy a chance. Boom, 6 XP, if no money. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling (well, sort of, they ARE former hitmen), but I kinda missed the reward when it was time to visit Tseng's shop of "herbal remedies." Was able to sell some old weapons I didn't use anymore, though -- and got the second-best clothing set. To my surprise, the Gangrel version includes a hoodie. Kind of weird not to see Harry's hair anymore. But hey, more protection is always a good thing. . .especially when you're off to fight land sharks. Yes, that is a thing in this game -- it's one of the side quests for a ramen noodle girl named Yukie, who's seeking the demon (actually an Eastern shapeshifter) who killed her master (and this is ALREADY after she lost her family to another monster, which the master killed). The Landshark (I'm not even going to try to type out its proper name) is one hell of a bastard, I gotta say -- I died twice, and got Yukie killed once (she fights with you, and she can totally die, failing the quest). Fortunately I succeeded on the fourth try, using one of my trusty guns. Currently Harry's parked outside the import warehouse where he can go and advance the main quest.

-->Watched Linkara's Exiles Retrospective, which is super-cool just in that the plot is basically characters become "unstuck in time" and have to travel the multiverse doing missions for the "Timebroker" in order to fix their worlds and return home. I love multiverses and AUs (which, if you've known me for any amount of time, is a huge 'duh' moment), so listening to his summary of the plot and getting to know the series is pretty awesome. Looking forward to the second bit!

-->Also watched Helloween's first set of Chrono Trigger -- a cute, interesting RPG that starts off strong with time travel shenanigans, also my jam -- and his fifth co-op set of Dead Space 3 -- a silly game which locks people into minigames when they're being attacked by necromorphs, leading to many many deaths for Helloween and Rufert. And then there are regenerators, which lead to more deaths, and then a special co-op side mission which starts off with another death and you get the idea. Rufert and Hells weren't really succeeding at the whole 'save the world' thing this time. XD But we still love them.

-->Did some more of my main tumblr queue and got my Valice multiverse queue all set, w00t.

And -- that's about it, honestly. I need to get to bed, both because I have work tomorrow and because I'm freaking tired thanks to the blood pouring out of me. Tuesday is looking like shit central -- I will keep you updated! Until then, night!

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