Mar. 13th, 2017

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My work sent the word out this morning, in fact -- I guess, since even the lower estimate has us getting eight to twelve inches of snow (and most say twelve to eighteen), they didn't figure it was worth pondering for any length of time. So I definitely have Tuesday off -- Wednesday is subject to what happens on Tuesday. Still, nice to even get one extra day, and all reports indicate getting Wednesday off (or at least a delay) is a possibility. So yeah.

Today was kinda busy -- since we're closed tomorrow, we had to do a report that normally happens on Tuesdays today. The problem there was, the reason we do it on Tuesdays is because the report includes everything that came in for Friday. . .which includes the credit card gifts that come in over the weekend (we post-date them for Friday). And around this time of year, we can have a LOT of credit cards pop up. I ended up helping my coworker sort through them all so we could get the numbers done on time. But we did it, and I got GL, daily confirm e-mails, and a good start on the parish reports we'll be sending out later done too. So yeah, productive!

Which is a sharp contrast to how I've been at home. XD Okay, yes, I got another chunk of "Fixing You" done -- Victor's reuniting with the Dead, and Lizzie's just coming onto the scene. :) But after that, most of my time has been spent catching up on webcomics, watching Outside X-Box videos, and reading TV Tropes. In my defense, I happen to be on my period at the moment, so I'm not really in the proper frame of mind for much in the way of anything too taxing on the brainpan. Though I did draft out replies to a few comments, so I should probably go answer those, at least. And catch up with my tumblr as well. At least I have some time to do so tonight. . . All right, off to try and be at least semi-productive. Night all!

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