Mar. 17th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Or, well, I should say Friday evening, as I got plenty done at work -- another chunk of a pile of roster maintenance, billing files, sorting out some of the CAP PeopleFinder stuff, a few obituaries. And even earlier this evening I got a page of "Fixing You" written (Alice finally back with her parents, and we're about be reintroduced to Carolina Thatcher, Bonejangles's ma). Both my lunch break and most of my night here though have been rather distracted, thanks to two factors:

-->Me deciding to do some research on UK show Black Mirror and its "San Junipero" episode, thanks to a BTTF fanfic I saw that adapts the plot of said episode. Black Mirror is a sci-fi horror series that really enjoys making their protagonists go through hell (and oftentimes the protagonists are very, very shitty people to boot). Fortunately for my favorite sci-fi movie characters, "San Junipero" is the series' sole HAPPY episode. I mean, it's still got depressing elements, but it's definitely leagues better than anything else. If I was going to watch any of this show, that would be the only episode I'd even consider looking at.

-->You know that house deal that I said looked fishy the other night?

Yeah, apparently it's legit. The guy doing the selling is buying a foreclosed house, and for some reason he's allowed to offer it up for sale despite the fact that he doesn't technically own it yet. So we're going ahead with making an offer -- I signed some paperwork saying that we're tentatively interested, barring an inspection and all that, when I got home from work. I am still not entirely convinced this is all good (especially since I STILL haven't seen the house yet -- we have an appointment for me to do so this upcoming Tuesday), but I have been reassured repeatedly we are still fully in the "we can back out anytime with no loss of cash" stage, so. . .yeah. We'll see what happens!

So yeah, my brain has basically gone "LOL nope" at a lot of things after all that, and I've spent my evening largely reading the aforementioned BTTF fanfic (not precisely my cup of tea but I at least like the idea behind it and the episode), watching The Sims Supply sweat through another episode of his Sims 1 Let's Play, and watching a few Outside Xbox videos because why not. It is Friday evening, so I can get away with that sort of thing, I suppose. :P Still, I should make some attempt at productive work -- or even different kinds of fun, considering I haven't even caught up with my comics yet. Let's see if I can pull some focus out of my behind. *salutes* Night all!

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