Mar. 24th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Work was busy, but in a not-too-stressful way -- just me cleaning up my big import, handling some questions, doing a little maintenance, and then helping out with a spreadsheet for a project one of the guys who handles big gifts is doing. Stuff that makes the time pass but doesn't drive me up the wall. I appreciate it.

Better yet, I had time on my lunch break, so I got my Valice Multiverse replies done, AND completed the information post for the Catch Us Verse, AND drafted my Secundus Sunday post! So my Valice Multiverse queue is done, and my Victor Luvs Alice queue good through next Tuesday. :) Plus I got another page done on "Fixing You" (Victor feeling kinda down because he thinks he's being a burden thanks to him still struggling with what happened to him under Bumby -- fortunately this is the part where I bring in Scraps again), caught up on my websites, and answered all current comments.

So, in more classic Friday tradition, I'll be spending the rest of the night watching YouTube videos. XD To be fair, I have a good chunk of stuff in my "Watch Later" list, including more WhatCulture and Outside Xbox gaming stuff, and new episodes from The Sim Supply's Vampire and Sims 1 LPs! And I should get it watched, because I've got plenty of Helloween to catch up on, including the start of his new Nier: Automata Linkara's latest episode. So much to watch, so little time...

So yeah, better start now. :P Night all, sleep tight!

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