Mar. 26th, 2017

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Mostly because I had somewhat less free time than expected today -- went out for a drive with Mom that started out with a trip up to Shaw's (we had to pick up some groceries, and some Monopoly tickets (they're doing a "collect this stuff and win prizes!" thing), plus a free donut we won through the Monopoly tickets), then proceeded to the beach parking lot to practice backing up. Sloooowly getting better at that -- it's a matter of keeping track of just what's behind me and on either side of me. Still have a tendency to end up crooked, but I made some progress on that today. But between over an hour of that, and other little things eating away at my time. . .yeah, not everything I wanted to get done got done. In particular, I have not started Helloween's Nier: Automata LP. I'd planned to, but -- the first set is 40 minutes long, and the second, released today, is an hour. What with needing two hours to watch his OTHER videos, plus wanting to do other stuff, I decided it was best to wait on those. Maybe I'll just have a marathon sometime this weekend...

Things I DID get done today:

-->Writing more on "Fixing You" -- and coming up with more stuff for them to do Downstairs, such as visit the Downstairs version of Houndsditch. Of course, that necessitates them getting back to Houndsditch, but it might be nice as an extra chapter? It would allow me to introduce Bonejangles and June as well, and show off something that I might not get to in this current scene -- namely, that the Ukrainian Haunting Spell doesn't work quite right on Victor anymore. We'll see!

-->Playing a little Bloodlines -- Harry has confronted and killed Johnny, leader of the Chinatown Tong, and been contacted by the Mandarin in regards to getting back Nosferatu spy Barnabus. He's also killed an entire club full of Tong, and had his Humanity unfairly lowered by a guy he was fighting shooting and killing the DJ behind him. Harry didn't kill the guy, so why should Harry be penalized? *grumble* Next task -- finish off the Schrecknet "Tangled Web" sidequest before advancing the main quest at the Fu Syndicate. Want my experience points!

-->Watching Helloween and Rufert's DS3 sets -- more faffing about (including Helloween getting them briefly lost), more party bodies (some very enthusiastic torsos in space!), more trying to ignore the actual plot in favor of calling each other "ustless." XD Also a side mission that could have been cool in showing how markers screw with people's heads if it had lasted more than ten minutes. This game. . .at least Rufert and Helloween are having fun being silly with each other. :P

-->Watching Helloween's next Chrono Trigger set -- there was some going around killing things in the future with a robot, a trip to the End of Time, and learning how to use magic! Good stuff. Game continues to be a cute and intelligent RPG that is fun to watch, especially with Hells's commentary. :) Fun change of pace from stuff like RE7.

-->Catching up on tumblr and doing my Valice queue. I really have to do a better job of the former on weekends -- I'm just so easily distracted the moment I have any free time. . .

And now I've stayed up rather too late for a work night, so I'd better get to bed pronto. Night all!

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