Mar. 27th, 2017

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Though fortunately not to the level of full on "oh God why" busy -- just a lot to do and less time that I thought to do it in. But I made it through (mostly -- spreadsheet I have to complete tomorrow morning), and that's another day in the bag. And another day closer to the weekend --

Which I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, to make one day longer! Yeah, I went ahead and took Friday off -- mostly because I want to go to the mall. I haven't been in months, and it's been a while since I took a trip just for the fun of it. (Rather than, you know, driving all around Cranston looking at houses while hungry.) Of course, the current forecast for Friday isn't looking so friendly, but -- eeh. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up. (Or possibly move the trip to Saturday. I really just want a day to sleep in since I'm also doing something with my coworkers on Sunday -- brunch get-together -- and that'll necessitate getting up earlier than I usually do.)

Other things which happened today:

-->Finished up Chapter 4 of "Fixing You" (which is likely to become at least two chapters in the editing stage -- I think it ran long). Ended on the gang starting on cute childhood stories in the bar. Downstairs Houndsditch stuff is currently looking like it'll be part of the last chapter, as the gang were talking about having a post-wedding reception down there (yes, the fic ends with Victor and Alice getting married -- I had to!). Next up is back to the living world for a bit, before tumbling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland! Booyah~

-->Caught up on main tumblr and did some queuing -- Sims posts and a really cute OTP piece that sums up how I feel about Valice. :)

-->On my lunch break, I basically finished the Queen Wins universe post for The Valice Multiverse, so that's good! Another one in the can. :) Though I'm thinking I'm going to have to edit my two primary posts (Forgotten Vows & Secundus), as they don't really have proper plot summaries for the newbies at the moment. . .do that this weekend, perhaps.

-->Watched a short Hells made comparing Mass Effect: Andromeda to Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines in terms of facial animation. The older game is actually better! I've heard the reason for this is because the ME:A team is a bunch of newbies that were basically left in the cold by the experienced folk. . .but I would like further explanation regarding who the heck thought "my face is tired" was acceptable as a hardboiled NPC's line. O.o (Or was it a random comment that just made it into the game? Either way...)

And that's pretty much it -- time to wrap up things and hit the sack. Still got three days of work to go! Night!

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