Mar. 29th, 2017

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Something of a frustrating morning -- there was a check thing I was hoping to clear up but couldn't, one of my coworkers went home not feeling well (which, you know, worries me), I had another big import to do, and to top it all off I was still feeling sour about the weather situation this upcoming weekend. *grumble*

Fortunately things improved as the day went on -- another coworker brought in some delicious homemade barbecue chicken pizza, so I had that for lunch; I got all caught up on the current maintenance for my imports; my supervisor found a better way of merging in a huge stack of duplicates we found; and I was able to get a first draft of the verse post for one of my exclusive verses done on my lunch break. So yeah, all in all a productive day, I suppose.

This evening's been pretty good too. Had nice pasta and sausage for dinner; watched some classic Whose Line? (the Salute To American Television episode); wrote more on "Fixing You" (have dropped Victor and Alice into Wonderland!); and got my tumblr queue for VictorLuvsAlice done up to the first Sunday post. :) Which included posting another shortfic from my past -- anyone remember the game Journey? Well, this fic's based on the last level: A Dream Journey Fluffy sweetness for all!

Not much else to say about the day, beyond we finally saw the sun today. Amazing, huh? Supposed to be out tomorrow too. . .and then go back in again Friday. -.- Mall trip is a bit up in the air, though the parents have offered to give me a ride if they end up going in that direction themselves looking at houses. We'll see what happens, I suppose. Right now, I have a couple last things to answer, then a bed to get in. Night all!

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