Mar. 31st, 2017

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Yeah, that's how I first woke up today -- with my leg suddenly screaming in pain because a muscle in it had cramped up. Somehow I managed to get back to sleep once the worst of it had abated. . .only to be woken up at 6 because I'd forgot to turn my main alarm off. -.- And then I went back to sleep again only to briefly wake up at 7:30. My brain, ladies and gentlemen. And my body too, come to think of it. (The back of my leg STILL aches a bit, and I've got a bit of a knot in the side of my neck. Bleh.)

Despite all that, and the generally gloomy weather today, I still made it to the mall! Report of my time there:

-->Newbury's has rearranged itself yet again -- at least it means there's always something new to look at. My trip to the comics section yielded the last two comics of the "Who Is Marty McFly?" arc I wanted, but only the second issue of "Biff To The Future," the new miniseries. Since I still need issue 1 of that, I left that one behind and just got the end of "Who Is Marty McFly?"
Did I Discuss This Arc Before? )

-->Went to go have lunch -- and found they'd taken out the Subway! O.o I have no idea why, since I haven't been there in months. I ended up going to Charley's Philly Cheesesteaks instead, which was next to it. Had a pretty damn tasty chicken "cheesesteak" sandwich with fries and a strawberry lemonade (with bits of real strawberry in it!) Might make them my new regular for these visits.

-->Dave and Buster's next -- recharged my card and hit all my usual games. Just the same good fun that I usually have there. :)

-->And I ended with a stop at Dairy Queen for a mini Ultimate Chocolate Brownie blizzard -- chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie bits, and a squirt of fudge. Om nom nom.

So yeah, that was fun. :) I needed a day like that, I think. Just something where I could sit back and relax for change.

Things I accomplished after my trip:

-->Another bit of "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice have gone down the slide and are now splashing around together in one of the pools. Unfortunately a Slithering Ruin is about to chomp on Victor, so Alice will be needing the Vorpal Blade shortly. After that -- montage!

-->Got through the last of the "Tangled Web" quest in Bloodlines -- Harry successfully raided Kamikaze Zen and set up the network hub without being noticed. I actually managed to sneak around the legs of a guard without setting him off! Also grabbed a special name plate from the vault for an extra experience point and got Mitnick to let me out through the air vent. Back to the main quest next time, entering the obvious "Fu Syndicate" trap!

-->Watched the next of Helloween's RE7 sets -- more glop monsters, more futzing around, no big deal. One minor jumpscare that Hells knew was coming and thus was unaffected by. Seriously, the difference between this section and everything that came before is night and day. You could see some campiness sneaking in with Lucas's stuff, but that remained fairly tense for the most part. This is just standard Resident Evil goofy. Not that I mind that much -- makes it easier to watch.

-->Watched The Sim Supply build a bowling alley, because he builds neat stuff. :) While he likes the pack (less for the actual bowling and more for the furniture and wallpapers and such), he and LGR seem to agree that more aracadey stuff (like the games you'd see at Dave & Busters, actually) should have been included. I'm in full agreement -- I miss the old pinball machines and such. Hoping those will come back in some future update!

-->Got my queue set up for The Valice Multiverse -- it's not much of a muse day for me, RPing-wise (going to the mall tends to send my mind in non-RP directions), but I had enough to at least get some stuff prepped. And I did get a nice piece of fanart to put up: Queen Wins Victor is not having a good day :)

*claps hands* All right -- need to catch up on my main tumblr and answer a couple of messages. Tomorrow, weather is supposed to remain shitty, so my main plan is to do a Helloween Nier: Automata marathon (he has three sets plus a side mission video up now, and they're all pretty long). May fit in either his DS3 co-op LP with Rufert or Linkara's latest review depending on time. We'll see. I also have a lot of WhatCulture gaming videos I'd like to watch too -- probably should get those out of the way tonight. *nods* So yeah, let me get on that. Night all!
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