Apr. 6th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
It's just -- constantly busy and I always feel like I haven't done enough to keep up. :( Even though I AM making progress on things. I got the GL done today, and I caught up on my daily confirmation e-mails, and I actually cleared some of the backlogged maintenance. It's just -- there's a hamster wheel feel to this time of the year. Especially when one of my coworkers is out on vacation. I mean, I don't begrudge her a vacation, it's just a little harder when we're short-handed. Particularly when the phones are busy. *sigh*

On the plus side, I was extra productive on "Fixing You" tonight -- got two segments done! Both ant-themed, in fact -- tea (and block puzzles) with the Origami Ants, and a brief scrap with some Army Ants. I like the contrast between the two species, and I was able to use a mild headcanon of mine regarding Victor and Wonderland (namely, the insect residents tend to get nervous whenever he mentions an interest in entomology -- Victor reassures the Origami Ants he's not a bug box man, but lets the Army Ants keep their misapprehension.) One last bit of the montage coming up -- Cardbridge, because fuck yes Cardbridge. And then I think I'll start a new chapter for their trip to the Dollhouse, since that'll be longer and it gets back to the actual plot.

Not much else to say. Got my queue done on Valice Multiverse, along with another verse post. Slowly but surely coming to the end of those, yay. With those all up, I'll feel more comfortable making open starters and the like and getting more of my universes into play. Been a bit of a long road, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I also listened to some music, reread some fanfiction, caught up with tumblr, and answered what stuff I needed to answer. So yeah, that's about it for me. Should get to bed, since I do have one more work day to get through. Should be a little easier, since one of my part-timer coworkers is coming in. At least another voice to answer the phone! Night all!

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