Apr. 7th, 2017

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Mostly because the phones quieted down and my part-time coworker was in today. I pretty much zeroed in my focus on all the maintenance I had to do from our processing company -- and got most of it done! Even with pauses to process a stock gift, do confirmation e-mails, and sort out the returned cards. Only the 4-5-17 stuff left -- well, that and a last-minute 4-7 import, but I'll be doing the bulk of that Monday morning. Which is probably going to be fun, as my supervisor has a physical, it's not one of my part-timer coworker's regular days, one of my other regular coworkers will still be on vacation, and I have to give one of the big bosses some numbers. AFTER doing that import and sorting as best I can through the credit cards. *deep breath* Yeah, I'm gonna need all the relaxation time I can get this weekend.

At least it's been a pretty good night. Did the "Cardbridge" chunk of "Fixing You" -- not sure how well it captured just how much I love the area, but -- first drafts. Besides, it has Victor and Alice being fluffy, and that I can always get behind. :) Got distracted after that for a while half-browsing a fanfic, but I got back on track enough to do the Valice Multiverse queue and a bit of the Victor Luvs Alice one. Still need to catch up properly with my dash, but I'll be starting that once I'm done here. Nothing too crazy, but that's the way I like it on Fridays.

Not much else to say. Looking forward to the four-day weekend coming up, that's for sure. And then I just have to make it until the end of May. . .we'll see how it goes. I'm off to catch up with the rest of my shizz. G'night!

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