Apr. 8th, 2017

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As in the RE7 game, not anything that happened at my house, fortunately. Helloween finished it the other day, and I went ahead and watched his ending sets today. Why those when I could have done the longer Nier: Automata sets?

Well, I know me. I've been on TV Tropes almost from the minute I finished them up, reading through the page. That was basically my afternoon in its entirety. XD The game itself ended in fairly goofy RE fashion, with a giant boss monster to kill. After how creepy and gross the start was, it was much appreciated. Not to say it was a bad game -- far from it. I appreciate that they tried to bring the series back to its more horrific roots, and even when it dipped back into the goofy stuff, I was happy to see the old RE return. :P And it's been cool reading through the tropes and seeing some of the DLCs -- "Jack's 55th Birthday" is a lot more ridiculous than I first thought. Ever wanted to see a goo monster with too many teeth wearing a silly football helmet? XD I am a little disappointed that the one "choice" the game gives you really isn't one, and shoehorns in a section that really shouldn't happen if you make the "wrong" choice (even if it is plot-important), but eh. Nothing's perfect. Not much more to do now except finish off the TV Tropes section and wait for the next LP!

In non-RE7 news:

-->Wrote Victor being embarrassed by Wonderland giving him a sailor suit when he and Alice visit the Dollhouse, poor guy. XD Of course, he's going to have much bigger things to worry about soon. . . That might be delayed slightly, though, as I figured out a way to work in a scene I really wanted to show off earlier in the fic. Probably gonna skip back to that section for a bit, then continue on with the Dollhouse later. Don't think Victor will mind.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Wheatley had a productive day at work, and made Medical Assistant! Booyah, more promotions. I also got the house a basketball hoop for funsies -- he and Chell both enjoyed it.

-->Watched Linkara take on more Godzilla: King of Monsters. He remains unimpressed, especially since our new protagonist had a very douchebaggy start. The storyline also continues to be worrisome, as 90s Kid is still being super cryptic and Linkara is getting morally questionable in his methods of dealing with him. *gulps*

-->Currently working on some RP stuff (yes, I'm somehow managing to kinda balance that and TV Tropes. Sometimes I can do things!)

So yeah. Not the most exciting day, but at least I'm having a good, moldy time. :P Trip up to North Providence to look at a house tomorrow, so can't stay up too late, though. *nods* I'll see you all later!

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