Apr. 9th, 2017

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Which I think can be blamed on many of the things I did do taking up a lot of time, and me getting my period around midday, which means my concentration levels aren't at 100%. No Bloodlines today, I'm behind on a couple of websites I frequent, and my Victor Luvs Alice queue isn't as complete as I'd like. But, to balance that out:

-->Had a successful drive into North Providence so Mom and I could check out a few houses -- crossed them all off the list because they turned out to be in shit neighborhoods. Also some asshole nearly pulled into the side of us -- I HATE that people just don't look when they're pulling out! But the drive up was good, if really busy traffic-wise. I can deal, though, and I got to be a passenger on the ride back, which worked for me. Also got pastrami sandwiches out of it for lunch, om nom~

-->Started on my next little chapter showing off my "Victor's magical signature is screwed up and he nearly gets left behind in the Land of the Dead" scene -- good times, good times

-->Caught up on Nier: Automata, which is starting to get downright weird and creepy and disturbing. As Helloween says, there is only one golden rule in this verse -- no happiness, ever.

-->Managed to catch up on Victor Luvs Alice's dashboard (I neglected it the other day thanks to the RE7 TV Tropes raid)

-->Got Valice Multiverse queue done (small, but hey)

All right, have to get to bed in a minute -- long day ahead tomorrow! At least it's only a three-day week. . . *cracks knuckles* Good night, everyone! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive. . .

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