Apr. 13th, 2017

crossover_chick: Alice (Wonderland) looking kind of confused (AMA: WTFery?)
Parents and I went out this afternoon to see a house up in North Providence -- and man, was it a shithole. Here's a short list of things that were wrong with it:

-->Right away we found a sewer easement in the back yard -- basically, the place is liable to stink of sewage in summer, and if anything goes wrong with the line, that's where all the works will be coming in to fix it

-->The back door to the basement wasn't properly fitted in (it was a new door on an old house, and there was a big visible gap all around it which hadn't been properly sealed)

-->They wrecked part of the roof while replacing the gutters (there was a huge crack running along the side of one of the eaves)

-->There was a mysterious "hole covered by a board" near the back steps (we couldn't get it up to find out what was underneath)

-->The plumbing was poorly put together, and the copper pipes patched with -- I don't remember what Dad said it was, but it wasn't even metal

-->Mystery pipes sticking up out of the basement floor (one with a plastic bag in it) -- they took something away in a hurry; Dad thinks it was a sump pump

-->A fireplace, in the basement, that was illegally hooked up to the house chimney (I assume, anyway; it was hooked up to something)

Dad's hypothesis is that it's a failed "flip" that the people working on it abandoned for some reason. Obviously we passed this one up. Between that, some absolutely horrendous traffic both going up and getting back home, and some asshole in a truck nearly pulling into the side of me when I took over driving back from Wal-Mart (I swear to God they wait until I'm behind the wheel!) -- yeah. Not the funnest of trips out.

Fortunately, there were other things that I managed to accomplish today that were more fun:

-->Another page on "Fixing You" -- just getting Victor and Alice to Fort Resistence, with some chat on the way about how Victoria would like this nicer version of the Dollhouse, and me throwing in an Emily statue because why the hell not. All this Wonderland writing is making me miss the game, though. Thinking I should fire it up (or at least rewatch bits of Helloween's LP) during the editing process so I can give the domains the respect they deserve

-->Completed the Poster Quest in Bloodlines, though it took longer than I wanted -- as it turns out, the tape I needed for the next bit wasn't in Hollywood, but rather Santa Monica. I'd forgotten Carson the bounty hunter was an Imalia fan -- it was in his lockbox in his apartment. Got it, sent it out via my Santa Monica haven, then went back Downtown because I'd stored the next item Gary wanted in my own personal box there. Got everything sent off and scored all the posters for an experience point. And the fun of having them. :P Also grabbed some cash off Venus, since I'd advanced the main plot a bit. Next time -- a visit to the Giovanni! I upped my Persuasion so I can do the Dirty Dishes quest there. Also have to remember to look up available goodies -- apparently there's an item you can grab there that'll double experience gain. Since the few remaining quests give out good chunks, it should be useful

-->Watched Helloween's thoughts on the Bayonetta PC port (which turned into him rambling about how much he loved the game XD), his and Rufert's thoughts on Resident Evil 7 (hour-long story short -- decent game, starts off strong but goes downhill, boss fights could have used more punch, main villain is nothing more than a F.E.A.R. rip-off), and his and Rufert's DS3 co-op play (mostly shooting dudes and making fun of each other for their tastes in games and lack of pop culture knowledge). This currently leaves me with the hour-long Chrono Trigger set I didn't get to, and a SHITLOAD of Nier: Automata. Seriously, sets are all super-long for that LP -- good thing I've still got three days of weekend to go!

So yeah, stuff was done. I still have to catch up properly on tumblr, and do my queue for Valice Multiverse -- just have to wrench myself off TV Tropes first. XD You'd think I'd learn. . .ah well. Let me fire up the reading music and get going on that. Night all!

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