Apr. 28th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Got through another day's worth of maintenance, at least, but, as usual, I kept finding problems that the processing company hadn't picked up on. Never-ending battle to get it all done, I swear. . . I suppose I should be happy SOME progress was made. It's tough when you've been conditioned to check every last little thing.

On the plus side, despite a terrifyingly foggy start, the weather got damn nice -- got a nice walk in, and I've still got my window open since it's not too cold outside. (Probably close it before I go to sleep, but still.) Always makes things a bit better when it's sunny and warm. Tomorrow's supposed to be great -- definitely gonna fit in a walk. :)

Also on the happy side, "Fixing You" is going well -- got Victor and Alice past the "Gatekeeper Galswells" bit, and into the town proper. I also designed my Burtonsville Snark -- it basically looks like the wooden fish that sits on top of the Van Dort carriage, only bigger and with two skinny legs attached. It spews fish guts, because, well, cannery symbol. XP I've also decided the Town Crier's evil variation will be a shadow that patrols the town, and rings its bell whenever it sees something interesting. This is usually Victor and Alice, to their distaste. Fortunately they should only have to deal with him like once or twice before reaching the Town Square and the Everglot Mansion. Of course, that means having to deal with a Colossal Nell. . .

After that, it's been mostly "futz around on the net" time -- research into the Burtonsville Snark design (from the Van Dort fish posters and such) led to me finding a better clip of "According to Plan" than I previously had on my YouTube clip playlist, which was nice. I also reread a Roald Dahl story that The Comics Curmudgeon linked me to: Lamb to the Slaughter Problem is, that got me interested in whether or not it had a TV Tropes page. . .

Yeah, you can guess where I've spent most of my evening, huh? *facepalm* Ah well, it's Friday, and I've got Saturday more or less to myself (the parents are going out to look at houses). Though I do have something to watch that a friend linked me to, and my Valice Multiverse queue to do, so I'd best get on those. Night all, sleep tight!

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