Apr. 29th, 2017

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My original plan for the day:

-->Do some writing on "Fixing You"

-->Play Sims 4 and see if I could get Emmett to do the PlantSim challenge

-->Go for a walk

-->Have lunch

-->Watch some Helloween videos

-->Watch MST3K with the folks

What actually happened:

-->Decided that, since it was damn near like summer today, I should take some time to shave my legs

-->Vacuumed the upstairs hallway and my parents' bedroom to be nice

-->Went for a walk after confirming that no, those clouds weren't actually going to do anything (was off-and-on looking-kinda-like-it-was-going-to-rain most of the day)

-->Came back and started making my lunch when my parents came back; ended up having lunch with them while watching Whose Line?

-->Went out driving with Mom (she needed paint and hair color); went decently even if I did get behind some real slowpokes, but it took about two damn hours

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- introduced the Cannery Snark (aka the Burtonsville Snark) and the stalkery Town Crier; also taught Victor the butterfly dodge because reasons

-->Played Sims 4 -- Emmett started the PlantSim challenge -- and then promptly saw all of ONE PlantSim wandering around. I did manage to actually get a bean (the Sad one), but it doesn't look like I'll be getting a shot at this PlantSim thing anytime soon. *grumble*

-->Watched MST3K with the folks (a really stupid time travel movie)

-->Watched the latest Nier: Automata set from Hells (shit be getting weird -- we have the backstory of the creepy opera robot, a trio of machines going through existential crisis, and a sidequest that ends with a disturbing revelation about a certain YorHa model. Also a mysterious hologram girl that was not there before)

So I guess in the end I did get some things I wanted to get done, done, but not in the order I wanted, and not as much as I expected. And I'm going out tomorrow with the parents to look at some more open houses, so that's going to limit my time then as well. . .I don't particularly want to go, but I feel like I should because it's going to be my house and I'd rather not have a repeat of that house my parents were ready to buy without me even seeing it (they're STILL going on about how perfect it was; at this point I hate the house on principle). *sigh* At least I should be able to get this upcoming Friday off without any issues. And hopefully I'll have an even better chunk of time to look forward to at the end of the month. . .

But for now I should get going on some other stuff I need to do. Night all!
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