Apr. 30th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
-->Spent most of morning/early afternoon out looking at houses, with me driving us up into Cranston to drive by the first two. One looked okay from the outside, but wasn't having an open house; one was in a bad neighborhood and had no parking, so we didn't go to the open house (this is where Mom and I switched); one might be okay but needs a fair amount of work done, plus there's some possible weirdness with the sump pump; one was just full of problems, up a steep hill, and had a toilet in what was clearly a closet so it was tossed from the list; one looked okay but the bedrooms were just too small. So yeah, our usual luck with this whole process.

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice are past the crier and into the town square (after fighting some Ruins). Colossal Nell coming up!

-->Played another round of Emmett in Sims 4 to see if I could do any better with the PlantSim challenge. Pros -- I got more beans as more PlantSims actually showed up this time; Emmett got to visit some cool locations in Windenburg (Hare Park and Discotheque Pan Europa); and made a new friend in the process! Con -- failed the challenge by a SINGLE BEAN (I couldn't get Playful); his partying in the nightclub ended up with him sick. Fortunately he's far enough along in his career to make potions at home, including a home remedy for sickness.

-->Watched Helloween's Obscure 2 (going for an "evil evil sex" theme now, with vagina monsters (no, literally)) and DS3 with Rufert sets (Carver's sidequest ended rather unsatisfactorily and then Helloween blew himself up and they had to repeat a bunch of stuff XD).

-->Watched Linkara on issues 1-3 of "The Dark Night," a bad Batman comic that features a Wonderland-themed supervillainess! The White Rabbit, specifically, though she's dressed more like a Playboy Bunny. And I just realized that, in the issues he covers, she goes after a bunch of villains like Two-Face and ClayFace with a mysterious fear-removing hulk-out serum. . .but never goes near the Mad Hatter! The hell? *grumps* Well, Linkara's snark remained on point, particularly his Batman impersonations. :p

-->Got my queues done, just have to answer a message on tumblr and then I can be done for the night. My apologies to everyone who is waiting on me on Dreamwidth. My time management is not the best, and it's being thrown off even further by me having to be out of the house so often lately. I'll try to do better in the future.

Right now, though, I REALLY have to finish things up on tumblr so I can go to bed. Night all!

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